Saturday, August 25, 2012

BroMo's British Birthday Bites: The Parish


I interrupt our anniversary weekend coverage to bring you Brother Monkey cheer!  I know there are many fangirls out there!

BroMo is having a gigantic joint birthday bash tonight.  But we celebrated on a much smaller scale on Wednesday night at The Parish, which has moved into the old space of the departed Angelique Cafe.
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The Parish purports to "bring you a true twist on the English gastropub."

Translation: British small plates.

Disco Nap -- grappa, aperol, muddled lemon, mint ($16).
Black Bee -- bourbon, lemon juice, honey, stout ($12).
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I had the Disco Nap, and BroMo had the Black Bee at the bar while we waited for his friend Aziz.  Mr. Monkey had a housemade ginger ale.  Good drinks, all.

Deviled eggs ($6).
parish 013edit
I opted out of this one, but the guys each had a bright bite to start.

Grilled corn with honeycomb butter ($6).
parish 016edit
Rest assured, we got two plates, so we each had half a sweet buttery ear.

Poutine of crispy pork shoulder with paneer, mint, and peas ($14).
parish 020edit
Doesn't this sound incredible?  I thought so.  But it was disappointingly only "very good."

Haricots verts, grilled peaches, garam masala, burrata ($13).
parish 021edit
Refreshing and summery.  Green beans were crisp.  Burrata and peaches were a delight.  The menu fails to inform you that there are random pieces of potato in here.  Those were not a delight, especially when I thought I was going to eat a peach.  Boo on you, potato interlopers.

Mojama, duck egg, truffle, potatoes ($16).
parish 023edit
Mojama, mo' problems.  Very very salty.  But apparently it's supposed to be.  Mojama is salt-cured tuna.  Think lox but with tuna.  And much saltier.  I wasn't a fan.  I don't think Aziz was either.  BroMo and Mr. Mo ate most of this.

Fish and chips ($20).
parish 025edit
My second-favorite dish of the night.  Golden, crunchy, and not laden with oil.  Excellent batter ratio.  Definitely get this.

Telegraph porter sausage, pickled cherries, parsnip puree ($14).
parish 028edit
Mr. Monkey was amused that the sausage looked like a hockey puck.  And that was the most interesting thing about this yawn of a dish.

Meat pie -- braised beef, Stichelton, escarole ($20).
parish 031edit
parish 038edit
My third-favorite dish of the night.  Flaky crust.  Tender beef.  Strong bleu.  And just enough bitterness from the greens.

Fried chicken, grilled peaches, tomatoes, and currant vinaigrette ($23).
parish 036edit
I saved the best for last.  It was close call between this and the fish and chips, but I'm awarding this chicken my gold star of the night.  So crunchy.  So juicy.  So flavorful.  You want this.

The Parish is off to a good start, and I can confidently state that somebody in the kitchen is a master fryer.  I hope I'm not too full to try dessert next time.  Happy birthday, BroMo!


  1. Love the name and the ingredient list of the Disco Nap!

  2. Have I ever mentioned how jealous I am of your dining companions? :)

  3. Replies
    1. It's really not fair that he looks 20 when he's 31.

  4. I think your brother should develop a show called "Potato Interlopers." Suspense/action/drama. From the potatoes' point of view.

    1. Potatoes would have many points of view with all those eyes. LOL.

  5. Looks yum! I also hate food that is an imposter of another food, unless it's supposed to be. I went to a sushi place last time that had a roll covered with cubes of chopped tuna sushi. Except half of the "tuna" was really tomatoes! I was pissed off.

    1. Imposters are the worst, unless you already know about the masquerading like at wd-50.

  6. i am so sad about the disappointing potatoes. they're like when you see little bubbles in your water and think it'll be sparkling or sprite. and then, it's flat.

    sad angelique is gone. remember when? but glad its replacement looks delicious.

    1. I hate to say it, but the replacement is superior!

  7. Happy belated birthday, BroMo!

    And I’m dying, DYING, at “his friend Aziz.” I am a big BroMo fangirl, but I also have a huge crush on Aziz. I’ve read his entire tumblr. teehee


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