Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Chili's Got More Game: Nationals Park

Who visits two ballparks on consecutive days?  We do!  We watched the Mets beat the Nationals at Nationals Park.
nationals mets 001edit
nationals mets 003edit
nationals mets 006edit
nationals mets 009edit
nationals mets 010edit
nationals mets 013edit
nationals mets 014edit
nationals mets 015edit
nationals mets 017edit
nationals mets 018edit
nationals mets 022edit
nationals mets 032edit
nationals mets 033edit
nationals mets 036edit
nationals mets 037edit
nationals mets 044edit
Ben's Chili Bowl > the game >>>>> Third Eye Blind.  I can't believe that Charlize Theron dated this guy.


  1. I was so obsessed with 3eb in high school and college. Now I listen to them and wonder what I was thinking. Definitely hasn't stood the test of time.

    I love Ben's Chili Bowl! Went to the original one in March. nom.

    1. LOL re Third Eye Blind. That "Semi-Charmed Life" sure is catchy, but so is "Call Me Maybe."

      Ben's Chili Bowl basically saved my night.

  2. I scrolled down too fast after the picture of the guy from Third Eye Blind, and I tried to piece together your sentence without the Charlize Theron part. I was like, Weezermonkey dated the guy from Third Eye Blind?! Wow! :)

  3. You missed out by not getting the nachos from Hard Times Cafe. AMAZING.

  4. Charlize has bad taste yet seemingly a great palate. strange.


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