Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rolling in the Deep: Giordano's

We didn't really plan to go to Giordano's.  In fact, we'd already eaten lunch while we were hanging out at Navy Pier.  But we were strolling down Michigan Avenue, headed to the incredible giant Ralph Lauren, and we decided to try a small pie at the bar.
navy pier giordanos purple pig 088edit
navy pier giordanos purple pig 105edit
navy pier giordanos purple pig 089edit
navy pier giordanos purple pig 104edit
navy pier giordanos purple pig 093edit
After all, we were on a quest for Chicago specialties for Mr. Cruiser, and I'd never actually eaten deep dish pizza while in Chicago either.

Surely, we could stomach a small sausage pizza ($15.35) even though we'd had lunch not long before.
navy pier giordanos purple pig 095edit
navy pier giordanos purple pig 103edit
navy pier giordanos purple pig 101edit
So hearty.  So cheesy.  So saucy.  So good.  So everything.  So worth the stop for a little taste of a popular Chicago chain.  We're going to conquer more deep dish next time to compare.


  1. Hey, I've eaten here! We stopped in after looking for some pizza late one night after a day of too much beer. I recall having a similar tasty experience. Of course, I was starving, so I think I would have been happy with cardbaord slathered in cheese. Luckily, Giordano's is much better than that!

  2. mmmm...

    I am also looking forward to what I assume is the upcoming ralph lauren post.

    1. Ha! I wish! I snapped a pic with my iPhone, and a salesperson told me, "NO PHOTOS!"


  3. Giordano's is my favorite deep dish! When I was in college, Monday's were half off night. You had to get there at least 30 min before they opened to guarantee a table. Yum!

    1. I'm so excited that it's your favorite! I'm looking forward to trying others in the future to determine my favorite. :)

  4. Giordano's is definitely my favorite deep dish option in Chicago. This is a passionate debate amongst us locals :)

  5. Ditto everyone else! My favorite deep dish in Chicago! (Though I liked the spinach stuffed version the best.) Either way, Giordano's beats the sauce out of Lou Malnati's.

  6. deep dish is one reason i want to go to chicago.


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