Friday, August 3, 2012

Get Your Oink On: The Purple Pig

My favorite meal during this short Chicago trip was dinner at The Purple Pig.
navy pier giordanos purple pig 109edit
If you live in L.A., my best description of this place is that it's Chicago's version of Animal.  For those of you who don't live in L.A., this means "lots of really good quality stuff to be shared."

Salt-roasted beets, whipped goat cheese, pistachio vinaigrette ($8).
navy pier giordanos purple pig 114edit
Deeeeeeelicious, and I'm not even talking about the beets.  The dreamy goat cheese and pistachios were totally heaven.

Razor clams, oregano, lemon, olive oil ($12).
navy pier giordanos purple pig 117edit
I don't think I'd ever had razor clams before!  Aren't they crazy looking?!  I think I was more won over by their appearance than by their taste, but yummy nonetheless.

Fresh spring peas, bacon, spearmint ($8).
navy pier giordanos purple pig 120edit
Just magical for peas.  Peas!  Ok, maybe it was the bacon that pumped up this little dish.

Asparagus, arugula, treviso, hazelnuts ($9).
navy pier giordanos purple pig 123edit
More veggies!  Refreshing!  And hazelnuts!  I love hazelnuts!

Pig's ear, crispy kale, pickled cherry peppers, fried egg ($8).
navy pier giordanos purple pig 127edit
Now we're talking.  You can't come here and not get this.  I mean, look at the presentation.  Pig!  Pig!  Pig!  Fantastically crispy and chewy and eggy and yeah!

Milk-braised pork shoulder, mashed potatoes ($10).
navy pier giordanos purple pig 129edit
Pure comfort in cast iron.  Like a hug for your tummy.

Turkey leg confit, crispy lentils, treviso, endive, agro dolce ($15).
navy pier giordanos purple pig 131edit
navy pier giordanos purple pig 136edit
Incredible.  Easily the best turkey leg I've had in my life.  We spied a table noshing on this while we waited to be seated, and it was a no-brainer to order it.  So tender and juicy and mind-boggling.  If someone could FedEx this to me on Thanksgiving, I'd be very appreciative.

If you visit Chicago, go to The Purple Pig.


  1. Razor clams are common in Chile (they're called machas here), but they're not that skinny!

    1. Machas! I love that I can learn new things from comments! :)

  2. I've never had razor clams either. What the hail is going on here. No parsnips. No razor clams. Like omg.

    1. It's like...what have we been eating all our lives?????

  3. Okay maybe ive had razor clams just chopped up in a pizza or something. Or do androids dream of electric sheep & razor clam eating memories that dont exist? Hmm.

    1. I don't know. I feel like, if they're chopped up, they don't count anymore. Look at them! Look how weird they are!

  4. My mouth actually dropped open when I scrolled down to the money shot of that there turkey leg. I cry. I need more turkey leg in my mouth.

  5. i love hazelnuts too. they just have such a lovely flavor.


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