Monday, February 16, 2009

Everything's Better on a Stick

Our dear friend Vegas was in town Friday, so we met her and another two of Mr. Monkey's former co-workers at Gaam (3465 W. 6th Street, Suite 300, Los Angeles) in the Chapman Plaza in Koreatown.
gaam 002
It's amazing that this was the first time I visited Chapman Plaza. Mr. Monkey had been here several times before. All of his friends from college are Korean.
gaam 011
Gaam is a bar and lounge that happens to serve food, namely yakitori. Yes, it's a Korean place that offers Japanese skewers.
gaam 039
gaam 016
gaam 024
Drinks are plentiful and are presented with flair.

My watermelon soju martini ($4.99). Yummy.
gaam 026
Apple soju in a carafe with an ice compartment ($12.99). More yummy.
gaam 029
Mixed yakitori.
gaam 033
gaam 034
Spider crab with ponzu ($16.99).
gaam 035
More meat!
gaam 038
There's nothing like the K-town nightlife.


  1. Fun!

    We have a sake brewery here (supposedly it is the only sake brewery in the US or maybe even outside of Japan) and we get yakitori there. One time Tim ordered a yakitori that was just fried chicken skin on a stick. I can't remember if he liked it.

  2. yum! i love little korean joints like this. yakitori sounds good right now...

  3. K-town sounds soooo awesome right now. I really miss the K-town lunch runs back in the days when I used to work around that hood.

  4. This place looks a little more upscale than the bell-at-the-table places I've been to in K-town. Great decor.

  5. oh yeah! Korean food PLUS cheap drinks? One of my favorite combos! I'm guessing this isn't much like my favorite C rated K town restaurant.

  6. Very sleek! Love the watermelon wedge!

  7. what a cool looking place! i fear it's far too cool for this boring mom. i'd be all out of place and stuff.

  8. Looks like a fun spot to me. Good food, yummy soju, and fun friends.

  9. or we could go to k town. gawd i need meat on a stick. that's what she said.

  10. I loooooove yakitori. Everything looked so yummy!


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