Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood

Sometimes I take pictures and don't end up posting them. I'm effectively captive at home today because of the Grammy traffic around us, so I'm digging up these photos from a few of my November and December walks around L.A. Live.
auto show 137
They're sort of relevant, as they depict the area surrounding Staples Center, where the Grammy Awards Show is taking place, not to mention the Grammy Museum is right here, too.
l.a. live 060
One of my favorite reliable local chains is The Farm of Beverly Hills, so I was jazzed that one opened here at L.A. Live. The trick to eating at The Farm is knowing what to order. Get something simple, and you should be happy enough with your meal. Get something else, and I guarantee nothing. You can't go wrong with breakfast.
farm 012
farm 002
farm 003
Fresh-squeezed orange juice ($2.75).
farm 004
Brioche French toast with Vermont maple syrup and sweet butter ($9.25).
farm 009
Farm omelet with applewood bacon, barbecued beef brisket, spinach, and Gruyère ($11.50).
farm 005
farm 007
Blueberry and strawberry crêpes stuffed with Mascarpone cheese ($9.75).
farm 006
And now a pictorial tour of L.A. Live.
auto show 134
auto show 130
auto show 127
auto show 129
auto show 124
auto show 125
l.a. live 058
l.a. live 013
l.a. live 015
l.a. live 016
l.a. live 019
l.a. live 034
l.a. live 033
l.a. live 032
l.a. live 031
l.a. live 029
l.a. live 022
l.a. live 023
l.a. live 026
l.a. live 025
l.a. live 045
l.a. live 040l.a. live 042
l.a. live 041
l.a. live 038
l.a. live 047
l.a. live 048
l.a. live 054
auto show 139
l.a. live 064
I love living downtown. Won't you be my neighbor?


  1. An omelet with brisket? Huh. That's a new one. Tim would love it.

  2. Downtown living is awesome! And the brioche french toast looks absolutely amazing.

  3. so jealousE you live close to so many great places!

  4. Can you believe I still haven't been to LA Live? Must get on that.

  5. i'm happy to see LA Live finally coming "alive". ;)

  6. You're so fortunate to live where you do. I love this medley of photos.

  7. Oooh how fun! I look forward to visiting LA Live when I come home.

  8. brisket makes everything better. spoken like a true ok/tx girl.

  9. you are going to laugh but i actually made my friends take a photo of me in front of the asian woman in that big 'ol monstrosity of a target ad. if i hadn't posed with it, we'd have identical shots in our blog.

  10. Is the walk from the Biltmore to L.A. Live long enough to justify scarfing down that french toast?

  11. ooh, the farm! i love.

    looks like we'll have to plan an LA live GTG soon!

  12. Hubbs must never, never see this post. I don't want to start the 'moving to downtown' talk again.

  13. Those photos are insanely colorful. I'm so jealous of that.

  14. Wow! A lot has changed since I lived downtown. All I had to great me when I stepped out my door was the smell of urine and masses of homeless people. I had no idea all that even exists!

  15. Why wasn't downtown this cool seven years ago? Whyyyyyyy??!!

    And ditto re: the Farm. Great burgers...and the more complicated stuff can be very meh.


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