Sunday, February 1, 2009

Buen-ish Provecho


Provecho, a self-proclaimed "modern Mexican" establishment, is a recent addition to the burgeoning downtown restaurant scene.
provecho 001
provecho 003
The problem with Provecho is that it's not quite ready for the discerning palates of foodies and businessmen, nor is its course pacing perfected yet. I hope Provecho improves with time because I think it has potential. If its current state continues without significant progress, however, Provecho won't survive.

The decor is sexy enough. I liked the light fixture in the foyer and the water running down the glass wall separating the kitchen from the dining area.
provecho 006
provecho 031
provecho 007
provecho 030
My only criticism of the ambiance is that it's too dark. I understand romantic lighting, but it was ridiculously dim without yielding a romantic vibe at all. The above photos don't show it, but the lights were turned significantly down when we dined (which, of course, made photography damn near impossible).

Complimentary foil-wrapped tiny flour tortillas and fried corn tortilla chips with spicy sauce greet you not long after you're seated. Sauce was fantastic. The cold chips, not so much.
provecho 008
Amber's "La Sancha" had jalapeño in it. I had a sip. It tasted like liquefied Red Hots gone bad. Not my thing. Not Amber's thing either. She didn't finish it.
provecho 009
My watermelon mojito ($11) wasn't as pretty as Amber's disappointing spicy drink, but the mix of Bacardi, fresh watermelon juice, mint, lime, agave nectar, and soda tasted a whole lot better. I finished it.
provecho 011
Jen opted for the wine pairings with her meal, which she said were done well.

Provecho's dineLA set is $34 for starter, entree, and dessert. I'm glad it was $34. I think I would've been a bit disgruntled if I'd paid $44 for this meal.

Amber started with the halibut ceviche with aged sherry vinegar, black truffle, and red onion escabeche. We all agreed that it was flavorless and limp. Very sad.
provecho 014
Jen and I both had the mole-crusted foie gras with tomato jalapeño jam and grilled bread. Rich and creamy. Good combination of sweet, savory, and tart.
provecho 017
Luckily, Amber fared better with her entree -- snapper veracruzano, cherry tomatoes, and Marcona almonds. I thought it was well-seasoned and well-cooked.
provecho 021
Jen enjoyed her mole verde, lamb cheeks, and vegetables. Smoky. Delicious.
provecho 018
I liked my pork al pastor underneath its tower of fried-ness. The meat was sufficiently tender, and it's hard to mess up onion rings. The accompanying pineapple confit, however, was blech -- a bad amalgamation of sour and spicy. It sort of reminded me of a more mouth-puckering version of Amber's failed drink above, but in solid form. Nice try, but it didn't work. At all.
provecho 024
For dessert, Amber tried the spiced chocolate cake, cajeta caramel, and dark chocolate. We laughed when she observed that the cube on top looked like a Viactiv Soft Chew. The little bite I had was rich and not too sweet.
provecho 027
Jen and I loved the goat cheese cheesecake, blue corn crumble, and red wine figs. Very creamy. Very yummy. Thumbs up.
provecho 028
Provecho has the necessary elements to become a reputable restaurant -- good concept, good food, good service. It's not there yet. I think it's going through growing pains right now. I'd like to visit later this year to see if it has improved. Until then, I advise that you go to Babita for all your gourmet Mexican cravings.


  1. I'm intrigued. . . But with a mediocre review, I don't know if I'll be willing to shell out the cash to give it a whirl.

  2. Excellent review! So good seeing you!!!

  3. Are spicy cocktails a new thing? I had a mango and cayenne margarita awhile ago and it was yucko! When I saw the menu and looks of this place, I couldn't help but laugh at your hatred of Rosa Mexicano ;)

  4. i signed up for provecho (dineLA) on your earlier advice but now thinking of changing to grace (based on your most recent review!). may have to go to both now! patina & cafe pinot were disappointing for dineLA lunch- i think they make everything in bulk and push it out; should have ordered a la's hoping the final splichal dineLA menu for me (nick & stef's) fares better!:)

  5. How sad the experience was so-so. At least you had good company. ;)

  6. At least the place _looked_ really cool... Hopefully the food measures up sometime soon.

  7. it was another fun night!

    the more i think about it, i'm kinda enamored with my entree. like, i might have to order it for takeout one of these nights.

  8. i'm strangely drawn that viactiv chew-looking thing :) looks like it was fun!


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