Sunday, February 22, 2009

Treasure Island

Day Two on Catalina started with a hearty breakfast at The Pancake Cottage (118 Catalina Avenue, Avalon).
catalina 014
People start drinking damn early here. The place was extremely busy, and it took a long time for us to get our food. Maybe we should've had a drink, too.
catalina 007
When the food finally came, though, it was delicious. Mr. Monkey had crepes with apples, raisins, cinnamon, and powdered sugar ($7.95), as well as a side of corned beef hash ($4.95).
catalina 011
catalina 008
I chose the spicy chorizo fried with three scrambled eggs with refried beans, rice, homemade salsa, and flour tortillas ($11.95). What a way to start my day!
catalina 013
If you have the patience, The Pancake Cottage is worth a visit.

Bellies full, we headed to our next activity. On the way, we passed a fountain and a somewhat awkward-looking wedding set-up.
catalina 018
catalina 015
We met our guide Fred at the Catalina Island Conservancy for our Jeep Eco Tour.
catalina 020
catalina 019
Having lived on Catalina for 46 years, Fred was not only well-versed in the island's history, but he also knew every single local we encountered. Fred taught us a lot about the island's colonization, flora, and fauna.
catalina 021
catalina 023
catalina 036
catalina 038
catalina 039
catalina 041
catalina 042
catalina 048
catalina 054
catalina 055
catalina 060
catalina 061
catalina 063
catalina 069
catalina 071
catalina 072
catalina 073
catalina 076
catalina 079
catalina 082
catalina 087
catalina 088
catalina 097
catalina 098
catalina 099
catalina 108
catalina 105
catalina 114
catalina 116
It's a good thing that we had the big breakfast because Fred took us on quite the extended tour -- much longer than the tour for which we paid!

Afterward, we explored some more on our own.
catalina 120
catalina 122
catalina 123
catalina 124
catalina 163
catalina 126
catalina 127
catalina 128
catalina 129
catalina 130
catalina 134
catalina 137
catalina 139
catalina 140
catalina 141
catalina 142
catalina 153
catalina 155
catalina 157
catalina 158
catalina 164
We went back to the hotel to rest awhile before we embarked on our evening adventure -- a nighttime Santa Catalina Island Company undersea tour.
catalina 165
The inside of the semi-submersible was disco-like.
catalina 167
Whereas our daytime undersea tour on Day One was like going to the zoo (i.e., the wildlife was abundant and right in front of us), the nighttime tour was like going on safari. We had to hunt for California spiny lobsters on the ocean floor. Tougher but still fun! The only drawback was that it was practically impossible to capture this with my camera. Alas.

Here is a poor-quality video from my point-and-shoot, complete with a crying child and an excited Mr. Monkey rattling off every creature he sees.

Spotting lobsters in the dark made us hungry. Mi Casita was our next stop.
catalina 176
Jamaica and lemonade. Frequently refilled.
catalina 178
We started with an appetizer of grilled panela cheese topped with grilled chorizo, tomatillo sauce and tortillas ($8.95).
catalina 180
This was my favorite part of our meal. Muy delicioso.
catalina 182
Our meals came with a choice of soup or salad. Here's the mediocre creamy chicken tortilla soup I had. Bland. Not hot enough.
catalina 184
Mr. Monkey ordered the pork ribs slow-roasted and marinated in adobado sauce accompanied by frijoles de la olla, fire-roasted corn-on-the-cob, tortillas, salsa, and tomatillo sauce ($18.95). This was fairly tasty. The ribs could've been more tender, but their flavor was enjoyable. The corn-on-the-cob was the standout on the plate. Charred and sweet.
catalina 186
My chicken flauta and beef taco combination ($13.95) was just sad. Flavorless. It was really too bad because the food's texture was perfect. It just didn't taste like anything. Boo.
catalina 187
Action shot!
catalina 190
I don't recommend Mi Casita. You can do better, even on Catalina Island.

Believe it or not, there is still one more Catalina installment to come. Stay tuned.


  1. people drink early because there isn't much to do! ;)

    I think I spied the area where we stayed on our 7th grade catalina trip - too funny!

  2. I loved too many pics to list. The animals were awesome and the signs were great too. I need that "9ish" one for my office.

    As for La Casita, I'm certain that to a tourist from the midwest that is the best Mexican food in the world!

  3. Your trip looks so fun! I love reading your blog b/c it opens my eyes to how much Los Angeles has to offer. DH and I complain there's never anything to do, yet you know better! Great photos btw.

  4. i love the first picture!!! looks like you and the mister had such a fun time!

  5. dude...i love the ones of the buffalo looking at you suspiciously. those are AWESOME.

  6. oh, and i have to say: midwesterners (at least some) know mexican. we have a huge mexican population here, actually, and there are lots o good restaurants with authentic mexican cooking. yum!

  7. I didn't realize how large Catalina Island is! Loved the photos.

  8. I love the buffalo and eagle photos!

  9. Looks like a fun way to spend your day...eating, sight seeing, and eating again.

  10. awesome pics, dude.

    makes me want to go to catalina - it's been years.

  11. i love the buffalo pics! he's a cutie.

  12. Pretty pics! The bald eagle makes a much better mascot than the turkey. Ben Franklin was such a moron.

  13. Wow, WM, your pics are really stunning! Love the eagle ones especially!


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