Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mediocre Wilshire

Wilshire is too cool for its own good.
wilshire 030
wilshire 005
wilshire 002
wilshire 001
The patio is where the purported coolness resides, but Ashley and I sat in a more subdued room inside. I was cool with this until it became apparent that our server was too cool to give a shit about us. Not cool, dude.
wilshire 023
wilshire 021
I was excited to try Wilshire, but maybe my hopes were too high. The food was only good, not great. The saving grace was that our dineLA deal was $34 for starter, entree, and dessert.

Ashley had been dreaming of grilled octopus ever since we made our date. Her dish was dressed with chicories, black trumpet mushrooms, piquillo pepper, and Meyer lemon. Good amount of acid. Good chewy consistency.
wilshire 010
My ricotta gnocchi with hedgehog mushrooms, cippolini onions, and chestnuts was enjoyable but far from mind-blowing.
wilshire 012
We both thought that Ashley's miso-marinated black cod was quite tasty. Texture was perfect. The accompanying crispy rice and shiitake mushroom salsa were a snoozefest, though.
wilshire 014
I liked my wild mushroom duck pot pie with farmer's market winter vegetables enough, but, truth be told, it wasn't much better than a Marie Callender's pie.
wilshire 020
wilshire 018
wilshire 015
Ashley played the role of Mr. Monkey very well tonight during dessert -- we switched halfway! Hooray! The apple tart tatin with crème fraîche ice cream was palatable.
wilshire 025
The donuts with an espresso float with white chocolate ice cream were more impressive, though still not out of this world.
wilshire 027
wilshire 029
I had a wonderful time at dinner, due mostly to Ashley and her general hilarity. Wilshire is a fine establishment with decent food, but the service was terrible. It's more of a scene than a place to dine. Disappointing.


  1. Mmmm, those donuts again, yum! Thank you for the long ride to my car. That gang of emo teenage skaters totally wanted to jack my shit, I just knew it.

  2. have been wanting to try for eva and a day.

  3. Bummer. I'd heard good things about Wilshire and wanted to try it but now I think I'm going to take my money and time elsewhere.

  4. sad.

    the ambiance/decor looked very promising. at least the company was good!

  5. Is this "Wilshire" as in Kit saying "Reg. Bev. Wil." in Pretty Woman?

  6. who dreams of grilled octopus though?? i might be able to believe fried calamari

    i kid i kid.

  7. Donuts everywhere!!!

    Those giraffes are ridiculous.

  8. It still blows my mind that doughnuts are trendy now. Who woulda thunk it?

    In the 2nd (?) pic there is a guy who looks none-to-pleased to be having his picture taken. Or rather, to be in your picture. LOL, he was probably there with his mistress or something.

    I watched Hell's Kitchen last night and thought of you since nobody made it to dessert, LOL.

  9. Pssssssst - your doughnuts are missing their holes!

  10. I absolutely loathe bad service, anywhere. The decor seemed like a plus, at least.

  11. Your donuts looked like boobies. heh.

  12. It looks like you had little donut mushrooms. Cute.

  13. Wow - it looks good to me! Well, except for the duck pie and the crispy rice. The restaurant looks pretty though, maybe bc I'm a sucker for capiz chandeliers.

  14. You found a pot pie better than MC's?!!! Impossible!

  15. Those donuts make me feel very uncomfortable. I'm going to pretend I never saw them :-)

  16. Hmm. Well, I kind of like the giraffe pictures. Sorry the food sucked.

  17. I hate bad service, and I usually tend to be loud about how much I hate it when it's occuring. Glad you had good company though.

  18. :( the doughnuts were cute though. and at least the company was two thumbs up. :)

  19. I'm way late on this one, and all I have to say is that I fully agree with you on the food. Luckily our server was better than yours. We went last year for lunch, and while the ambiance was great - sat out on the patio, liked the decoration, saw Kareem Abdul Jabbar - the food was inconsistent. We went with a group who usually pick great restaurants (they have to impress clients), and this was by far the worst place they've ever taken us.

  20. completely agreed. luckily i didn't pay for my meal there. yay for fun with ashley, though!


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