Saturday, February 7, 2009

Maki Maki Monday

One thing I enjoy about making afternoon court appearances in Orange County is meeting my pals down yonder for happy hour afterward. This time, we met at the Irvine Spectrum, where 10Years confessed her childhood fear of carousels.
maki 001
You know that weird kid who preferred sitting on the stationary bench instead of riding a horse that moved up and down? Yup. That was 10Years.

With its amazing half off deals, Maki Maki was the perfect place to catch up with Bizarro-Merry-Go-Round-Phobia-Girl, APK, and LYB.
maki 004
maki 008
maki 013
maki 009
$4 martinis + half-priced sushi + good company = awesomeness.

After sushi, we bid farewell to APK, and the three of us went in search of dessert. On the way, we passed the Ferris wheel. I forgot to ask if 10Years was scared of that, as well.
maki 019
maki 020
LYB suggested Crepe Maker, which I thought was a fabulous idea.
maki 021
It was such a fabulous idea that I forgot to snap a photo before digging in. The three of us shared a Nutty Caramel Apple (apples, dulce de leche, and walnuts) and a Black and White (Nutella and bananas).
maki 023
Trust me -- it tasted a lot better than it looks half-eaten.

Seeing these girls was the perfect ending to my very good day. (That's not-so-subtle code for "I won my hearing. w00t!")


  1. nutella crepe = love

    congrats on winning your hearing!

  2. scared of the merry-go-round?

    oh my. :/

  3. A nutty caramel apple crepe sounds amazing!

  4. I had such a great time with you ladies! It was just what the doctor ordered. Again - wtf are you doing to the photos? They look really good, vibrant I think is the word. PS - it's not nice to throw people under the bus Mrs. Ohnaysee.

  5. I love the ferris wheel photos!

  6. so fun! i've had a craving for sushi for days now and those pics are making me want it even more.

  7. That metal spiral thing reminds me of Watts Towers.

    Great photos!

  8. Told ya I could impress you with just my point-and-shoot, 10Years! ;)

  9. that crepe looks so yummy.

    ditto ssinca.

  10. 10yt never ceases to amaze me. :) Looks like a fun time. And big yay for your win!

  11. I love the Ferris Wheel pics too.

  12. She is also scared of colorful clothing. I bet if she lived downtown she'd never step outside.


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