Monday, February 23, 2009

Rocky Service

Drago Centro is well-designed. Modern. Chic. Cool.
drago centro 001
drago centro 008
drago centro 004
drago centro 010
drago centro 009
drago centro 006
The wine cellar reminded me of Aureole.

But that's where the similarities ended.

While the service at Aureole was fantastic, the service at Drago Centro was anything but. Despite our reservation, we had to wait awhile for our table. So incredibly annoying. Bad start.

The real downer of our night was our server, who was none other than a facsimile of the Soviet meathead in Rocky IV -- dense, rude, and ultimately a loser. He ruined what otherwise would have been an enjoyable dinner. Hate him! Boo!

Salmon puff amuse bouche. Bland. Sort of slimy. Not amused.
drago centro 019
Glam's i rigatoni all'amatriciana (rigatoni, smoked pork jowl, onions, tomatoes, pecorino) ($16). The pasta was perfectly al dente. The flavor was hearty and reminiscent of home cooking.
drago centro 020
Giggles' i carciofi (grilled artichoke, Belgian endive, Bronte pistachios, EVOO sabayon) ($14). Rather tangy. Not my favorite, but I'm not a fan of artichokes, so it's a bit unfair for me to judge.
drago centro 021
La suppa (butternut squash soup with vanilla oil) ($9). I was thrilled with my soup! I hate soup that is merely warm. This was piping hot and rich and smooth and wonderful. The vanilla oil worked so well! Sweet without being overpowering!
drago centro 026
Glam's il pollo ruspante (truffle-crusted chicken breast, forest mushrooms) ($24). My memory of the bite I had is sort of a blur...just like this photo.
drago centro 031
Giggles' il merluzzo alla fiorentina (roasted cod, spinach, cipollini onion) ($27). Good but not seriously-bowl-you-over good. Nice texture but lacked oomph.
drago centro 029
I was the winner with la quaglia (focaccia-stuffed quail with cannellini beans) ($27). Super flavorful! Super golden! Super crisp! Super tender! Super super!
drago centro 037
So adorable! Squeeeee!
drago centro 038
Glam's ricotta cheesecake was palatable. Light with a bit of citrus.
drago centro 044
I thought Giggles' torta di cioccolata e crema alle nocciole (chocolate hazelnut tart, caramel gelato) ($9) was lovely. I quite enjoyed my tiny bite.
drago centro 042
I felt I triumphed again with the panettone di natale (spiced bread pudding, marsala foam, candied hazelnuts) ($9). The flavors were so interesting and scrumptious -- a little Bollywood dance in my mouth!
drago centro 047
Complimentary chocolate.
drago centro 051
drago centro 052
Sadly, the check was far more hospitable than our server. Nice dinner marred.


  1. I really shouldn't read your blog at 8 in the morning. Now I'm ridiculously hungry and lunch is still 4 hours away.

  2. I don't like artichokes either!

  3. The quail looks wonderfully crisp. I can't remember the last time I've had quail. I can't say I encounter it very often.

    A plus about quail is that hand holding a drumstick makes you feel like a giant!

  4. I hate when a bad server ruins everything.

  5. I don't like being reprimanded period. But I especially do not like being reprimanded by a waiter when I am in the midst of a good conversation with my homies. I still had a great time though because I was with two of my favorite people. :)

  6. I hope you left the lousy server a lousy tip.

  7. Oh my gosh...look at the little leg! Why is it tiny things always seem cuter?

  8. Ugh. What is it with restaurant service these days?

  9. that mini drumstick is just too cute.

  10. went to drago the other day with felicia. not bad. i too loved the butternut squash soup.

  11. i really hate it when bad service yucks up an otherwise nice meal. bleh!

  12. I agree. I was not impressed.


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