Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Little Piggy Went to Long Beach

When we came back from Catalina Island, we stopped by for a quick bite at Carnitas Michoacan No. 9 (31 W. Broadway, Long Beach). How could we resist a pig in a top hat?
catalina 039
catalina 041
The place was dark, dingy, and decorated with fake flowers.
catalina 027
Mr. Monkey's large horchata ($2.50) was quite delicious.
catalina 032
Mr. Monkey ordered three tacos ($2.10 each for hard shells) -- carnitas, al pastor, and cabeza. Yes, cabeza. You may know these things as "pork," "adobo pork," and "beef cheeks." I found the cabeza a tad too fatty for my taste. Everything else had a nice rich flavor.
catalina 034
I got the chuletas con nopales ($7.50). That's "pork chops with cactus." Could've been more tender, but yummy nonetheless. I ate the other half for lunch the next day. Still good reheated.
catalina 035
Quick meal. Quick post.


  1. Do y'all yelp (or some other internet tool) to find these restaurants or just allow yourselves to stumble upon them?

  2. We just stumbled upon this one! This happens a lot with our hole-in-the-wall visits.

    I'll often learn about nicer restaurants on other blogs or publications. I like reading those more than yelp or Chowhound. People get a bit pretentious on those sites. Turns me off.

  3. Uh, are you sure Mr. Monkey's fatty taco was "beef cheeks?" That's not the part of the cabeza that I associate with tacos de cabeza.

  4. Hmmm Mexican food sounds so good right now.

  5. That building looks like an IHOP!

    I love tacos. mmmmm

  6. oooh this place looks tasty. i love all sorts of mexican food.

  7. A pig in a top hat at a Mexican food place? How random and funny. You're right, it's a must stop.

  8. I work in downtown LB. I drive by this place every day but have never eaten there. I need to try it out with one of my more adventurous coworkers.

  9. i'm drooling at that horchata. yum!

  10. The last dish looks like one of my favorite Filipino dishes. But I've never had cactus in mine before. :-/


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