Thursday, February 12, 2009


When it's dineLA season, I'm all about trying new things, so, if I choose to go to somewhere I've been before, that place is one I love. Neither Diabolina nor Amber had ever been to Water Grill, so this was a great time to visit again. For a reduced price! Even better, their boys joined us, too. So sad Mr. Monkey was out of town and didn't make it a sixsome!

Water Grill has been a favorite of mine since the year 2000, when I was but a wee summer associate. What little wide-eyed 23-year-old doesn't love fancy fish? Fish so fancy it's starred!
water grill 002
Fun and fruity drinky drinks.
water grill 003water grill 005
I bet your napkins at home don't have handy buttonholes. Instant adult bib!
water grill 006
White chowder with Manila clams, Weiser farm potatoes, and Niman Ranch applewood smoked bacon. Jim thought that the bowl was smaller than usual (although it looked about the same as the last time I was here), but, regardless of size, this soup is always a hit.
water grill 008
Cucumber-rolled spicy big eye tuna with hearts of palm puree, ruby grapefruit, and tobiko. Loooooved this. Diabolina and I were mmmmm-ing up a storm.
water grill 009
King salmon with sauce soubise, trumpet royale mushrooms, and red wine reduction. Very tender and lovely. The Diabolinas thoroughly enjoyed this!
water grill 012
California Pacific Ridgeback swordfish with tomato-date chutney, tiny squash, cumin-scented zucchini puree, and chick pea panisse. The winning entree of the night! Congratulations, Amber and Jim! The fish was beautifully cooked, but the panisse is what really impressed me. It tasted like really fine polenta fried to perfection. It's only fitting that this photo focuses on the panisse. Tee hee hee.
water grill 014
Grilled Columbia River white sturgeon with coriander spiced yam, rapini, baby roasted beets, pearled barley, and oregano. I was quite pleased with this well-seasoned mélange of colors, flavors, and textures.
water grill 018
Red velvet pudding with mascarpone ice cream. Tastes as good as it looks. I still remember how much I liked it the last time I visted.
water grill 019
Blueberry mascarpone cake with crème fraîche ice cream and blueberry sorbet. Warm and cornbread-like and wonderful! Great with both icy treats!
water grill 023
As we were chatting when we got the check, the boys realized that they went to the same high school and were even in the same math class.
water grill 026
Diabolina couldn't believe it took them a whopping two hours to figure this out.
water grill 027
water grill 024
We had a good laugh about it.


  1. looks like fun! everything looked delish!

  2. How fun! The food looks spectacular. The presentation totally rocks.

  3. I wish I could taste food. Damn clogged sinuses.

  4. I want that spicy tuna thing! and I'll take the red velvet thing, too.


  5. That looks like a wonderful restaurant ... and a great group of diners!

  6. Cucumber-rolled spicy big eye tuna looks totes amazing. Yum!

  7. Oooh la la! You girls are so fancy. (insert pictures here of 10years and I enjoying Chili's)

  8. boys=retarded. as in slooooooooow. girls would have figured out the connection months ago, frankly.

  9. i'm still teasing jim about it! how did it take them 2 hours to figure it out?!

    we had a lot of fun and hope we can do it again! :)

  10. What great food and great company!

  11. that looks like such a fun group!

    red velvet PUDDING?? must. google. for. recipe.

  12. I could have been a proper date for you! Well, at least up until the red velvet pudding. What great company and pretty food. Ditto mboc that our Chilis dates pale in comparison.

  13. Fun! So sad to have missed it!

  14. I think this may be the only fancy restaurant I've ever been to that you have too. :) Hubbs and I went there for dinner one night when we went to a play. One of our best dates ever.

  15. wowza. looks awesome. trying the water grill dinela menu for lunch on friday- from the looks of this, it's going to be great. last time i went to water grill- i almost needed a cart to pull me out, the tasting menu was so large:

  16. I live for mascarpone.

    Everything looked fantastic!


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