Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why Can't Clinton Just Be President Forever?

I like Obama and all, but Bill Clinton is just awesome. I had the opportunity to hear him speak last night. So smart. So charismatic. So Bill.
clinton 011
clinton 013
clinton 014
clinton 017
clinton 018
clinton 029
clinton 019clinton 020
clinton 034clinton 033
clinton 025
clinton 026
clinton 027
clinton 028
Many members of the judiciary attended the event, too.
clinton 045
Gotta love Kozinski.
clinton 046
clinton 048
Dinner sucked, but desserts were slightly better.
clinton 050
clinton 051
clinton 052
clinton 053
Sweet event.


  1. Kozinski cracks me up to no end. I'm actually a little surprised I haven't heard his name out there for the potential SCJ position.

  2. I completely agree. I love love Clinton!

  3. love the many expressions of bill clinton. and you know i love his tie.

  4. Kozinski is more of a right leaning justice and I'm pretty sure Obama's going to want to pick someone with a more liberal bent. I am also convinced he is going to pick a woman. I think the overwhelming favorite right now is Sonia Sotomayor, although Diane Wood or (Ann?) Williams from the 7th Circuit are up there.

    I like Clinton and his charisma a lot. In my old age, I think I've become more liberal and now that I reflect on his presidency, some of his political decisions (well, mostly DOMA and Don't Ask, Don't Tell) really chafe at me.

  5. Kozinski was a Reagan appointee. There was also the sexy e-mail scandal. And he's a white male.

    This is Obama's chance to select a liberal female and/or minority.

  6. oh yeah, that's right! we both love the clintons. i tell people they are like my royal family.

  7. There will always be room in my heart for Bill.

  8. Great photos! I did not expect them to turn out so good. They look professional!

  9. Wow! What an amazing opportunity! I'm so jealous. Love the photos.

  10. I really enjoyed seeing him speak. Your photos are amazing! So much better than my last minute Berry snaps ;-)

  11. i'd die to be that close to big willy. yum.

  12. He is so sex-ay.

    P.S. Was that Friday? A couple of the attys I work with were headed up there for that.

  13. either you had kickass seats or you have a kickass camera lens.

    either way, I'm jealousE.

  14. Next time I see you remind me to tell you my Bill Clinton story ;)

  15. Ummmm I am SO JEALOUS you got to go!!! My firm bought a table, but of course all the big shots got tables -- not yours truly!

  16. very cool. even the hub, a die-hard republican, concedes that clinton is probably one of the best speakers he's ever seen.

  17. Ditto Wan. My boss went to this and was very impressed but didn't say much more than that. Great pictures, as always.


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