Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"C" Is for Crab

On Saturday, we had dinner with Papa Monkey and Brother Monkey at Ondal (3160 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles, 213.382.8844).
ondal 038
ondal 035
ondal 001
ondal 002
ondal 003
ondal 005
ondal 008
ondal 009
We ordered an extra large ggotgae tang ($75) for the four of us. Spicy crab soup is not food for the delicate. We all wore bibs. And, yeah, that's a "C" in the background. "C" was for "crowded" because the place was totally packed.
ondal 006ondal 032
ondal 007
We got crabs! Yes, we do! We got crabs! How 'bout you?
ondal 010
ondal 011
ondal 016
I savored my portion. Spicy but manageable and with a touch of tang.
ondal 018
ondal 022
After the crab, our friendly server made us fried rice in the same pot.
ondal 024
ondal 027
Beautiful rice...that tastes exactly like spicy crab soup.
ondal 029
We loved the shikhye. The sweet rice dessert drink always hits the spot.
ondal 033
Good food, good price, good times. "C"? What "C"? I felt great afterward!


  1. Haha!! WeMo's got crabs!!! Teehee!

  2. Bibs? Where I'm from we call those aprons!!!! Makes me feel like you should have been the ones frying that rice! And I'm sure the C has nothing to do with the quality of the food - they probably just have a colony of rats that live there, which is totally fine ever since Ratatouille came out.

  3. delish! SO jealous! why does that sound so amazing for breakfast right now?? (and i'm with you -- a C doesn't scare me. daikokuya was rocking one for a while...)

  4. I really believe that if places like this got an A, the food wouldn't be as authentic or tasty. That's how I gauge Asian restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley. All places worth eating at usually never get better than a B.

  5. "C" is for damn, this place looks COOL. It's on the list!

  6. StaindMonkey, this really looks tasty. Comparable to Ondal 2?

  7. I've only been to Ondal 2 and that was an insane amount of food for 4 ppl. I was clutching my tummy when I left. Soooo crablicious.

  8. I've not been to Ondal 2, but I think the two places are related, given the same cartoon character and menu.

  9. i almost forgot about this place. i LOVE makes it at home, but it's just too much work.

  10. p.s. yep, ondal and ondal 2 are related. just "branches."

    oh, and this is great hangover food and GREAT for breakfast (@angel). mmm.

  11. truly, you're a brave soul. i would not darken the doorstep of an establishment that was rocking a C.

  12. I love that picture of papa monkey!

  13. That picture of Papa Monkey totally made me smile. :)

  14. The MoBro (BroMo?) pic is highlarious.

  15. Wow, I have never seen a "C"!

    BroMo pic is great!

  16. I have no prob with C restaurants. There's a Korean bbq place that I absolutely love in LA somewhere and it's a C. Good times with the fam - posts like this make me homesick.

  17. This place looks fantastic!

    I ain't skurred of C's; To me, they just stand for "Cooks Good Sh*t!"

  18. Food looks great, but I can't do C restaurants, especially those serving seafood. :/


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