Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vieux Carré

The French Quarter is full of interesting shapes, colors, and textures.
new orleans 008
new orleans 007
new orleans 011
new orleans 031
new orleans 032
new orleans 033
new orleans 036
new orleans 038
new orleans 039
new orleans 040
new orleans 044
new orleans 045
new orleans 050
new orleans 048
new orleans 051
new orleans 052
new orleans 047
new orleans 053
new orleans 057
new orleans 061
new orleans 062
new orleans 063
new orleans 059
new orleans 058
new orleans 060
new orleans 067
new orleans 064
new orleans 065
new orleans 072
new orleans 075
new orleans 073
Next: Walking along the water and riding a streetcar.


  1. love the shot straight down the street with the contemporary high rises in the background/at the seeming end of the row of colorful, more historic houses.

    po' boys! i wanna hear about the po' boys!

  2. The colors in your photos are amazing and so vivid. Gorgeous.

  3. Awesome photos! It looks beautiful there!

  4. so cool, I really need to go visit!

  5. Looks like Disneyland's New Orleans Square, but dirtier. Zing!

  6. Your pics are great as always...looks like you had a great time :)

  7. LOVE the po' boys pic!

    your photos are ah-mazing, dude. beautiful!

  8. So in love with your photos! I'm guessing you digitally enhanced some of them? If they are the ones that I think they are, bravo job--both on the natural and enhanced.

  9. The best part about your trip? The streets look fairly deserted. I don't think I could handle New Orleans with all the crowds!

  10. Great photos! I loved the trip down memory lane. :)

  11. I laughed out loud at the Huge Ass Beers and the Po Boys pics!

  12. All I can say is GIMME MORE! I love it!

  13. Some of those pictures are just insane, monkey! That photo class is treating you well, fo sho.

  14. the skies are so blue from your perspective! love the street musicians.

  15. These photos are amazing! I've never really felt a desire to visit New Orleans (pre- OR post-Katrina), but honestly after seeing these shots I think I'd like to make the trip some day.

  16. These pictures really make me want to go to New Orleans!

  17. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  18. Beautiful photos-- love N.O. much better than the hellhole of Orlando where I currently sit.

  19. This is what I think of when I think of New Orleans! But I am LOVING the rest of your pictures! Makes me want to go there so much more. I didn't realize there were so many MORE intersting parts to LA!!


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