Saturday, May 2, 2009

Name That Baby

Two weeks ago, we went to Stein's baby naming ceremony for his twin daughters. Think of it as a bris for girls, sans circumcision.

(Side note: As some loyal readers may recall, Stein is responsible for the Monkeys meeting each other and ultimately getting married.)

A million babies and kids attended. We were granted admission without any.
baby naming 001
baby naming 006
baby naming 007
baby naming 065
baby naming 066
baby naming 067
baby naming 068
The youngest prettiest rabbi I've ever seen performed the ceremony.
baby naming 009
baby naming 008
baby naming 019
baby naming 022
baby naming 026
baby naming 029
baby naming 032
baby naming 035baby naming 034
baby naming 037
baby naming 039
baby naming 042
baby naming 047
baby naming 050
baby naming 056
baby naming 058
baby naming 059
baby naming 061
baby naming 063
baby naming 064
baby naming 071
I liked the centerpieces in the backyard.
baby naming 072
But the most beautiful little things at the get-together were the twinsies.
baby naming 003
baby naming 057
Thanks for inviting us.


  1. Wow, those twins are gorgeous. Great photos - I wish you had more photos of you guys!

  2. Will you ever come down with the fever?

  3. Wow...lots of babies. The twins are adorable!

  4. I swear I know that Rabbi! Meanwhile I think it's cool they had the ceremony at their house. I've only ever seen it done at the synagogue.

  5. their blue eyes are so pretty. i like the ranunculus, too. orange!

  6. I love, love, love the photo of the Daddies circled around chatting with babies in hand, and diaper bag in tow. Fantastic!

  7. Oooh look at those blue eyes! So pretty.

  8. Those are seriously beautiful twinsies. Those girls are going to be double trouble in about 16 years. And I love the pic of the dad carrying the pink diaper bag. Awesome.

  9. beautiful babies! almost makes me want one.


  10. They are adorable. And I have to say, hats off to you. Whether or not you'll have babies of your own in the future, you are always very supportive and loving to your friends with little ones. It's very mature and cool :)

  11. those babies are gorgeous!

  12. so many gorgeous babies!

    i've never been to a ceremony like this. it looks really interesting.

  13. Ditto MBOC - I've never seen such a hot Rabbi. And hooooray for Stein being the matchmaker to a great couple.

  14. Those little girls are so cute! Congrats to their parents. :)


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