Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Simple But Good

The best way to describe the food at Angeli Caffe is "simple but good." The same three words could be used to describe my dear friend Kerfuffle's taste in food. So perfect.
angeli caffe 001
angeli caffe 003
It sucks when one of your best friends lives in Florida, so when Kerfuffle is in town for work, it doesn't matter what I'm up to -- I will do my darndest to see her. I am thrilled that she has a case pending out here, so we will likely see each other a number of times in the next few months!

When the bread is good, you know you're in for a lovely evening.
angeli caffe 004
Crusty warm perfection. Yes!

Croquette di patate ($3.50).
angeli caffe 007
Have you ever wondered what mashed potatoes, salami, and smoked mozzarella taste like deep-fried together? Fanfreakingtastic, that's what!

Ravioli al magro ($12.50).
angeli caffe 013
Spinach and cheese ravioli topped with tomato-basil sauce may not sound that interesting, but let me tell you again -- simple but good. Seriously. If you like pasta, you need to get to Angeli, stat.

Ricotta gnochetti with eggplant ($15).
angeli caffe 017
I don't get excited about pasta very often. Well, I got excited about this one, folks. So delicate and smooth and somewhat creamy yet springy! I loved this!

Kerfuffle enjoyed her simple but good Tahitian vanilla ice cream ($5).
angeli caffe 025

I went to town on the chocolate chunk bread pudding ($8).
angeli caffe 030
The risk of hives was well worth it. Say it with me -- simple but good!

Go to Angeli Caffe! Now! Go! Delicious food for a delicious price!


  1. oh how i love carbs. this carb fest made me happy and hungry. "simple but good" is the bear's motto for life. yay of OOT friends in town!

  2. I always get excited about pasta. MMM. M. M.

  3. OOT friends are the best. I <3 carbs. Yummmm.

  4. OOOOOOOHHHHH I am definitely checking this place out!

    (Thanks for the photo class info - I'm going to check into them!)

  5. Angeli is one of our fav restaurants! If Brent ever leaves me for another woman, it'll be Evan Kleinman, the owner of that restaurant. He loves her restaurant and the radio show she does on KCRW. We'd love to go on her "cooking class vacation" where she takes a group of folks to a Tuscan villa and teaches them how to cook.

  6. As a carbo-loader extraordinaire, this place is TOTALLY up my alley. And so cheap too!

    How'd you know I always wondered what mashed potatoes, salami, and smoked mozzarella tasted like deep-fried together?

  7. Sigh...why would you ruin perfectly good mozzarella by smoking it?

  8. I want the croquettes, the gnocchi, and the bread pudding - NOW!

  9. Good bread really is an indication that you're about to get good food. We went out to dinner last night, and I actually asked to take the bread home - it was that good. To his credit, the waiter just nodded and said "of course," but I'm pretty sure that later he told his coworkers about the crazy lady who took home her bread.

  10. It must be good for you to risk a rash! Some of those dishes are high on my favorites list. Hooray for spending time with far away friends and good food!

  11. Angeli cafe - my old stomping grounds! We literally used to live 2 blocks from there! The bread is so yum.

  12. i often base how good a meal's going to be by the bread, too. i thought that was a weird quirk, but it looks like it's just another thing you and i have in common!

  13. My H and I are going here tonight based on your review of this place.(I made a reservation last week after I read this). I was sold! I can't wait to try the chocolate bread pudding!

  14. Hooray! I hope you guys love it!


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