Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sass and Class

I'm really lucky I have such good friends at work. They give me lots of love and kind advice when I'm down. Glam even brought some treats to cheer me up.
cheer up 001
cheer up 002
cheer up 003
A big hug! In a tank top! Glam said she's Worry Bear, and...well, we all know who I am. So perfect for kickin' it during the summer! I love it!

And, of course, food always makes me happy. My Paul Frank tank was accompanied by warm fresh Chinese bread.
cheer up 004
Yummy! Thank you to all of my friends who take such great care of me!

Photography class with Amber and tater raised my spirits, too. I was amused when we got shushed. Yes, we got shushed in class. Bad kids are we!
cheer up 007
cheer up 005
And, yes, I took pictures while sitting in class. What? Are you surprised by this? Look at what our instructor wrote! How could I not memorialize that?

Other people were checking out their f-stops.
cheer up 006
I figured it was a good time to snap.


  1. I don't know what f-stops are, but those ladies looked really serious while checking theirs out.

    I love the tank top Glam got you, so cute. =)

  2. You have good friends. I bet you are a fun coworker to have. I have few coworkers, and I would love to have Weezer Monkey in my office!

  3. Liz,

    You're so right. WeMo makes our office awesome!

  4. That's so sweet of Glam! Ha! I love how you took pictures of your fellow classmates. I can't say I'm surprised that you guys got shushed though.

  5. Where are you taking this class? It looks awesome! I have been meaning to take a refresher course...

    I love that you took photos in the class. I would've been doing the exact same thing!

  6. I would think all the other lens jockeys would be snapping away too. Don't they have blogs or are they amateurs?

  7. I would have been surprised if the 3 of you didn't get shushed. Are all the participants in the class girls?

    That tank top makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So cute.

  8. I loveee Worry Bear. His voice in the paul frank online shorts is priceless.

  9. you definitely have kickass CWs!

    and I'm so not surprised you 3 were told to simmer down. ;)

  10. eee! bear! worry bear! tank top!

    yeah, i was wondering why there are almost no boys in our class, too. when i told the bear, he said, "good." worry bear.

  11. You always get shushed!! ;-)

    You really do have awesome friends! You are a lucky girl!

  12. At least you didn't get detention. :)

  13. your friends are so sweet. Thank you for sharing.


  14. I hope that the teacher shares more nuggets of wisdom.

  15. What an attractive looking photography class.

  16. You have such great friends because you deserve it. I'm glad you have people in your life that care enough to make you feel extra special every now and then. **cyberhugs** PS - I spose that class went beyond learning the auto function?

  17. i love, love, love that you guys got "shush"ed. the "shushed when in groups of 3+" tradition continues!

  18. Jim was mortified when I told him we got shushed. Oops ;)

    The tank top is so cute and sweet.


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