Monday, May 18, 2009

Idyllic Repast

We had a good night's rest at the Crowne Plaza after the Weenie Roast.
old vine cafe 001
We slept very well, knowing our room cost only $38. Love that priceline.

Nearby was The CAMP, an interesting outdoorsy retail community.
old vine cafe 031
old vine cafe 032
old vine cafe 033
old vine cafe 027
old vine cafe 030

Nestled in The CAMP is Old Vine Cafe.
old vine cafe 003
old vine cafe 012
Its patio area is a woodsy sanctuary.
old vine cafe 009
old vine cafe 011
old vine cafe 008
old vine cafe 007
We enjoyed our bucolic breakfast. The natural light was as delicious as the food.

Fresh-squeezed orange juice ($6.50) and fresh wild berry lemonade ($4).
old vine cafe 014old vine cafe 013
Both tart and lovely.

Italian quiche ($9.50) with creamy cheesy grits ($2.00).
old vine cafe 026
Many of you know that I am The Pie Monster. And what is quiche but a nummerrific savory pie? This Italian sausage and gouda cheese baked in a flaky crust made love to my mouth. Sweet sweet morning love.
old vine cafe 025
And the grits? Me, quiche, and creamy cheesy grits. Carnal threesome. Yeah.

Fresh-baked cinnamon roll ($2.50).
old vine cafe 018
A warm piece of icing-smeared heaven.

Side of apple sausage ($4).
old vine cafe 020
Juicy! Snappy! Happy!

Blueberry brioche French toast ($10).
old vine cafe 017
This was the only thing that didn't win me over. Mr. Monkey liked it just fine, but I found it a tad too mushy and a bit bland. This is something I rarely say, but I think it could've been a little sweeter.

Skip the French toast, but hurry over to start your day right at this rustic alcove.


  1. very nice photos. and you know i like the camp. and old vine. i need to eat real food there next time, though, not just cheese.

  2. *drool* cheese grits...
    Bummer the french toast wasn't good - it looks amazing.

  3. Oooooh so cute! This looks like a great place for a photoshoot.

  4. ugh - good eater, photographer and writer: carnal threesome is amazing. But makes me blush!!

  5. I feel so good about the fact I made a fancy breakfast yesterday looking at all these breakfast foods!

  6. ah, your pictures are so fabulous!

  7. Love love LOVE The Camp! Glad you had a good breakfast :)

  8. I went to HS with the guy who owns/is the chef at old vine.

    although my tummy wasn't too happy with me after our dinner there one night. :/

  9. I find The Camp to be much younger and hipper than I am, but I love your photos of it.

  10. i am salivating just looking at these pictures. i definitely want to try this place out, looks delicious.

  11. Pie! I'm a pie fiend too. Mmm. Pie.

    There's this part in "How I Met Your Mother" where Marshall wants a wedding pie, instead of a cake. Pie. Mmm.

    Did I tell you I like pie? :P

  12. I just finished my breakfast 5 minutes ago and now I am hungry again. THANKS!

  13. Great photos. I love breakfast food.

  14. Glad you liked it!! And I secretly agree about the berry brioche French toast... :) I am so having that quiche this morning!

  15. Looks like a cute little place.

  16. i love this place. on a good day, i can get a new piercing at outer limits, have dinner at old vine, then have dessert at milk+honey, then drinks at the tin lizzy saloon down the street ;-)


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