Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Best Thing at Midway: Potbelly Sandwich

When we fly to or from Midway Airport in Chicago, we're always happy to grab a sandwich from Potbelly, especially when our flight is at an odd hour.
potbelly 003potbelly 004
potbelly 001
potbelly 006
potbelly 012potbelly 013
Yes, it's a chain. But it's a glorious chain that we don't have in California. It was one of Mr. Monkey's favorites when he lived in Chicago. Eating at Potbelly is pure nostalgia for him.

There are few airport eateries that are this satisfying. This is a compilation of a few trips.

The Wreck -- salami, roast beef, turkey, ham, Swiss cheese.
potbelly 015
Definitely a crowd-pleaser.

The Italian -- Capicola, Mortadela, pepperoni, salami, Provolone.
potbelly 017
My personal favorite.

Tuna salad -- albacore, Swiss cheese.
publican 056
A really meaty and substantial tuna sandwich.

Meatball -- marinara, Provolone.
publican 060
Can't go wrong with a classic like this.

They may just be sandwiches, but we really like them.


  1. Oh how I miss Potbelly! My faves are the Wreck and the Italian, both with extra peppers. I literally jumped for joy when I saw one in DC.

  2. See, when I'm at an airport I also look for chains that I miss. But Mr. Mo has more sophisticated taste than my dunkin' doughnuts and TCBY

  3. Ah, God, I really love Potbelly, too. There was a period (when I lived in D.C.) when I couldn't go more than a week without hitting Potbelly for a roast beef with everything but onions...

  4. Potbelly is what's missing in Los Angeles. I mean there are great sandwiches here but the only opportunity I get to eat these little beauties is whenever I'm in the DC area. grrr

  5. Potbelly was a staple in grad school. Even LOLworthy is the fact that that used to be our fancy pants place to eat lunch. Ahh, to be a poor grad student, and finish with a disposable degree... Wait, who's bitter? At least there was Potbelly.

  6. Ahhh Potbellys. You know my hatred. Potbellys is to me as Melting Pot is to you.

  7. Awwwwww I miss Potbelly! I frequented one when I worked in Maryland.

  8. too funny, I've been to that exact potbelly - I had the roast beef, it was tasty. I *think* we have them in lithuania, but I've obviously never been to one there. whoops.

  9. Southwest goes to Midway right? O'Hare is a clusterfuck anyways! I wanted to try this when you tweeted it last year!

  10. mmm, that looks fantastic. we LOVE great sandwich places! we need one of those here.


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