Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Weezer Memories Tour

Because we were in Guyana in November, we missed Weezer when they were in Los Angeles for the Memories Tour. This was why we went to Chicago in January. The Blue Album and Pinkerton played in their entirety? Couldn't bear to miss this!
weezer 015weezer 004
weezer 008weezer 016
weezer 017weezer 006
weezer 008weezer 013
weezer 003weezer 020
My friend absent*minded and her husband joined us at The Aragon us both nights, and my friend tosababy and her husband came for the second night. Each night started with a different set of greatest hits, followed by the Blue Album the first night and Pinkerton the second night.

My Name Is Jonas

No One Else

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Buddy Holly

Undone -- The Sweater Song

Surf Wax America

In the Garage

You Gave Your Heart to Me Softly


The Good Life

El Scorcho

Pink Triangle

weezer 004
What a fun two nights! And free Rivers Cuomo glasses for all!


  1. These past couple years didn't start out so well with the tours, but they have really turned around.

  2. love that you went to the both shows. you're a true fan.

  3. I thought for a sec that you two were wearing the EXACT SAME GLASSES.


  4. i can't relate to this post, but i'm glad you had fun!

  5. So fun! Jim would have loved being there as well.


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