Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh, You Fancy, Huh: Tru

The night before Valentine's Day, we had a tremendous dinner at Tru with good friends.
chicago 113
Our friends are so awesome. Not only did they drive an hour to meet us in Chicago, but they also shared over $100 in gift certificates with us for this meal! Yay!

When we dined at Tru, James Beard Award-winning Chef Rick Tramonto still helmed the kitchen. Some of you may remember him as a contestant on the second season of Top Chef Masters. His ex-wife, Gale Gand, also a James Beard Award winner, still remains the pastry chef at Tru. A guest judge on both Top Chef and Top Chef: Just Desserts, Gand is no stranger to Top Chef either.

We started off with some Comte cheese gougeres and fresh warm bread.
chicago 023chicago 027

Beef consomme, Wagyu beef ravioli, espelette pepper, parsley.
chicago 030
Warm welcome for the whole table.

Kushi oyster, California white sturgeon caviar, lemongrass cream.
chicago 033
Fresh and cool contrast to the preceding consomme.

Tru let us do two different tasting menus simultaneously. The girls got the Valentine's Collection, and the guys got the Chef's Collection. We all sampled everything! Win!


Red Ace beet ravioli, foie gras mousse, Granny Smith apple.
chicago 037
chicago 039
Loved the fun presentation! The taste...not quite as good. Oh well.

Soup de Homard, saffron, rosemary.
chicago 048
How often do you get to stir your soup with a tiny rosemary roach broom?!

Duck confit, white wine pear, potato puree.
chicago 063
chicago 068
Underneath these Hershey kiss-shaped mashed potatoes was a luscious pool of shredded duck. Epic.

Dover sole under brioche, Normandy butter sauce.
chicago 071
Beautiful fish.

Veal served three ways, Savoy cabbage tart.
chicago 075
Love me tender.

Palate cleanser for the whole table -- Meyer lemon puff, tapioca, mint, yogurt.
chicago 089
What a surprising bite! A tad tart! A bit minty! Great bridge to dessert.

Passion fruit Bavarian, macadamia gianduja, black sesame.
chicago 096
A tropic delight.


White sturgeon caviar, avocado, hazelnut.
chicago 040
Tru's one molecular gastronomic offering of the night. Very nice.

Red Ace, Candystripe, and Golden Beet collage and horseradish cream.
chicago 046
Sweet, tangy, and crunchy with a nasal passage-clearing smear.

Celeriac veloute, black truffle, celeriac profiterole.
chicago 054
chicago 057
Hot soupy and fried crunchy duo. Yes!

Maine lobster, Romanesco, Madras curry, espelette tempura.
chicago 060
Lovely melange of flavors and textures. Stupid Long John Silver's plating.

La Ratte potato gnocchi, white veal glaze, fragile lace tuile.
chicago 067
Incredible -- in looks and in taste. So weird and so cool!

Miso-marinated sable, kale, radish, Banyuls brown butter sauce.
chicago 073
Fish done right. Oh, so right.

Prime beef ribeye, grilled foie gras, hedgehogs, parsley.
chicago 078
A carnivore's dream...topped with fatty fabulous foie.

Fresh and ripened cheeses.
chicago 080
chicago 084
I feel bad for the lactose-intolerant.

Tahitian vanilla cremeaux, hazelnuts, manjari chocolate cream.
chicago 100
I stole this from Mr. Monkey. Ok, I didn't steal it, but we traded. I liked it more than my tasting menu's dessert!

chicago 101
chicago 103
chicago 108
chicago 109
chicago 111
We represent the Lollipop Guild!

Take-home breakfast muffin.
chicago 114
The restaurant took care of us even the morning after our meal.

Tru is quite the traditional fine dining establishment. Don't let the semi-contemporary decor fool you. A jacket is required for men, and service -- while excellent -- skews a bit stuffy. We enjoyed our meal, but we generally prefer a more relaxed environment.

If your man is willing to suit up for an evening of decadence, and you're willing to tone down your completely unbridled laughter (which is difficult and unnatural for me), Tru may provide you some fancy formal fun.


  1. Mmm everything looks really good - love the presentation all around, and it sounds like the food holds up its end of the bargain too.

    I love that rosemary broom!

  2. That looks incredibly creative and sounds delicious!

  3. Rumor has it that Tru is even better with it's new chef. We have some gift certificates so I think we're going to try to make a reservation soon. Although like you, we prefer a more casual dining environment.

  4. I keep thinking, ooohhh that would be my favorite dish. And then I scroll down to the next offering.....

  5. i'd be ok with dressing up for a meal like this. :)

  6. I think that would be worth me getting my hair done nails done everything done

  7. I love duck. And mashed potatoes. everything looked yummy. Evan doesn't even own a sport coat though!

  8. I thought about TRU for my Chicago trip last year. Your meal looked fantastic! Maybe I'll go back there next year!

  9. you seriously go to the best freaking restaurants. i wish we could do that.

  10. We gnerally more subdued when we're eating just the two of us, so I think Jim could stomach a jacket and tie for that meal. It looks amazing!


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