Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chicago Chic: The James Hotel

The James Hotel in Chicago is fabulous. Mr. Monkey scored a spectacular deal on the hotel website for just $129 a night!
chicago 092
chicago 095
chicago 098
chicago 096
chicago 097
If you ever plan to visit Chicago, definitely check out the special offers online -- they are particularly good during the off-season (i.e., the dead of winter, which is when we went).

But wait! We did better than $129 a night! We got upgraded from a regular guest room to a one-bedroom apartment! What?!
chicago 002
chicago 003
chicago 004
chicago 005chicago 006
chicago 014
chicago 007
chicago 008
Mr. Monkey is just that good. He really is a travel ninja.

Our one-bedroom apartment was so spacious, comfortable, and perfect for inviting my pal HaveShoesWillEatandTravel to share the complimentary raspberry chocolate treats and champagne with us.
chicago 019
chicago 021
What a joy to meet my Internet friend in person!


  1. Seriously, Mr Monkey is a priceline golden god.

  2. Upgrade might be my favorite word in the world. Either that or chorizo.

  3. Hey that's me!

    Thanks for the champagne.

    And for anyone out there the $129 rate at The James is pretty common in the winter. Trade off for the lovely weather we have here at that time of year.

  4. Oooooh I like the decor at this hotel.

  5. Im excited to read some of your restaurant reviews! I'm going in April for Alinea, but need to find restaurant for my other meals!!

  6. I want my very own travel ninja!

  7. H's namesake and Kiehl's goodies?! Total winner!


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