Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Chicago Tourist

It's fun to be a tourist.
zoo 325
zoo 330zoo 332
zoo 341
zoo 347
chicago 032
chicago 037
chicago 040
chicago 043
chicago 044
chicago 045
chicago 046
chicago 047
chicago 048
chicago 050
chicago 053
chicago 056
chicago 059
chicago 062
chicago 065
chicago 068
chicago 070
chicago 072
chicago 074
chicago 075
chicago 077
chicago 081
Chicago rocks.


  1. Ah man, you made me miss Chicago so much. I love that show of Lake Shore Drive.

  2. We are going in two weeks and I can't wait. What was your favorite part?


  3. LOVE all the building pics! Makes me wish I were standing there lookin gup at all of them!

  4. Man I haven't been to Chicago in ages. And I have no excuse since I have family there.

  5. oh love the pics! i so need to go back to chicago and be more touristy, i feel like i missed so much.

  6. You guys were all over the place! That peristyle in Millennium Park was designed by my office :)

  7. I didn't know Mr. Monkey was so short! You could fit him in your suitcase!


  8. i SO want to check out chicago. one day.

  9. Looks like after crossing NY off our list, we really must get to Chicago.


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