Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Decent Steak Dinner: Carmel Chop House

Carmel Chop House was at the bottom of our hotel, so we gave it a whirl. It has closed since our visit, but this post is still relevant because Chef Kurt Grasing moved just a few doors down and serves most of the same menu at Grasing's now.
carmel chop house 001
carmel chop house 003carmel chop house 004
Our laziness in going to the restaurant at the bottom of our hotel actually paid off. We didn't have high expectations for Carmel Chop House, and we found the food surprisingly palatable. Word has it that Grasing's is even better, so consider this my endorsement for the new restaurant.

Mr. Monkey opted for the $29.95 prix fixe three-course meal. The items below without a price comprised the prix fixe deal. I got a mish-mash of other items.

By now, you all know the truth. We share everything!

Warm spinach salad, diced pancetta, beets, feta, dijon vinaigrette ($9.75).
carmel chop house 013
Refreshing start with some great flavor, thanks to the pancetta.

Butternut squash soup.
carmel chop house 015
Warm and comforting.

Grilled prime top sirloin, Tawny port reduction, sweet potato bleu cheese fries, sauteed garlic broccoli.
carmel chop house 018
The sides were forgettable, but this was a very nice cut of meat.

Kurt's duo of bacon-wrapped jalapeƱo-jack shrimp and BBQ pork baby back ribs ($16.50).
carmel chop house 019
The barbecue sauce was a tad too sweet, and the shrimp was overcooked. But the ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender. That was the saving grace of this dish.

Side of mac 'n' cheese ($7.50).
carmel chop house 021
A bit bland but still a welcome accompaniment.

Seasonal fruit and oatmeal crisp with cinnamon vanilla ice cream.
carmel chop house 023
Strong end to the meal. Like homemade.

Carmel Chop House wasn't perfect by a long shot, but we had a decent dinner for a decent price. Grasing's is probably worth a visit if you're staying nearby.


  1. That butternut squash soup looks like the perfect winter dish for our cold weather here.

  2. I can definitely vouch for Grasings!

  3. the mac 'n' cheese looks like the same stuff my mom makes with velveeta, lol. my husband would love the dessert.

  4. it's so damn cold inside my office right now... i could use a BIG BOWL of that soup!

  5. Oooh, yum. My parents are likely going up to Carmel when they come out to visit moi in May. The G restaurant you mentioned might be just their thing.


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