Friday, February 18, 2011

The Lincoln Park Zoo

We love going to zoos, even in February in Chicago.
zoo 002
zoo 022
zoo 064
zoo 074
zoo 094
zoo 126
zoo 135
zoo 147
zoo 160
zoo 169
zoo 176
zoo 182
zoo 187
zoo 194
zoo 207
zoo 214
zoo 218
zoo 220
zoo 221
zoo 243
zoo 263
zoo 272
zoo 278
The Lincoln Park Zoo is free!


  1. Love the animals, and great shots!

  2. wow! I never seen that many animals being active when I go to the zoo. You must have caught them on a good day/time.

  3. Zoos are my favorite types of attractions no matter where we are.

  4. Those ducks look so pretty against the ice.

  5. Those cats look awesome. I kind of feel for that rat though, which is unlike me. Usually I'm all about the predators.

  6. The sleeping aardvark looking thing looks like an alien....kind of cool.

  7. Phew for Insomniac. I was shocked that no one was commenting on the brutal beheading.

  8. those photos are gorgeous. i'm not a huge zoo fan, but i love seeing your animal shots!

  9. I was going to the big cat photos are amazing, but really, they're all pretty freaking awesome!


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