Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Carmel Must-Visit: Casanova

Casanova looks and feels like a small country inn in Italy or France.
sunday 037
sunday 040sunday 038
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I imagine that the food tastes a bit like the food in such a place, too.

Good service was a running theme during our Carmel visit. Casanova was no different. We felt like revered guests of this country inn.

I had one of the best cups of hot chocolate I've ever had.
sunday 011
It literally came on a silver platter. I may have applauded when it arrived.

Crepes campagnardes -- roasted chicken, mushrooms, light creamy veloute, mixed greens ($12.75).
sunday 021
Completely unfussy and exquisite.

Side of fries ($4.00).
sunday 017
Awesome awesome awesome. How could fries be so awesome?

Side of chicken apple sausage ($4.00).
sunday 014
Plump and juicy and meaty. That's what she said.

Belgian waffles, organic apricot sauce, fresh berries, fresh whipped cream ($10.75).
sunday 013
sunday 022
Crisp, light, and fluffy all at the same time. That's no easy feat.

One highlight of Casanova is the Van Gogh table.
sunday 023sunday 036
sunday 024
sunday 025
You can actually dine at a table upon which Vincent Van Gogh had his meals.

Casanova has many interesting rooms.
sunday 028sunday 030
sunday 034
sunday 031
sunday 029
It's definitely not your ordinary restaurant. We had a fantastic experience.

I would love to try dinner here.


  1. Looks so cute and quaint I love it. We take family trips to Carmel all the time but I've never heard of this place!

  2. i am LOVING your posts on carmel. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! i want to eat everything at casanova. it all looks divine!

  3. This is what I mean about us having completely different experiences. Although maybe its a brunch versus dinner thing?

  4. Savory crepes are always wonderful. These look fantastic.

  5. Very nice... you make my travel planning so much easier.

  6. Thanks for the rec. Definitely gonna check this place out when I visit Carmel in the future...

  7. i love the van gogh table! the history nerd in me, i suppose.


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