Sunday, February 6, 2011

Massive Monterey Montage

This is Monterey.
monterey 001
monterey 007
monterey 012
monterey 014
monterey 015
monterey 018
monterey 023
monterey 025
monterey 032
monterey 040
monterey 042
monterey 055
monterey 061
monterey 115
monterey 163
monterey 208
monterey 217
monterey 227
monterey 237
monterey 245
monterey 265
monterey 297
monterey 316
monterey 317
monterey 326
monterey 335
monterey 359
monterey 362
monterey 369
monterey 374
monterey 393
monterey 394
monterey 417
monterey 419
monterey 434
monterey 436
monterey 438
monterey 459
monterey 470
monterey 479
monterey 482
monterey 483
monterey 487
monterey 489
monterey 491
monterey 520
monterey 522
monterey 538
monterey 548
monterey 565
monterey 566
monterey 583
sunday 059
Thank you, Allegiant Air, for your $15 flights. I'm sad you no longer fly to Monterey.


  1. I loooooove the Monterey Bay Aquarium! So fun. Your sea otter pics are my fave, but the newly hatched Mr. Monkey is a close second.

  2. The pictures are all great, but I agree that Mr. Monkey hatchling is the best.

  3. I have a picture of Rodolfo in that same penguin egg :) We love the Monterey Bay Aquarium too!

  4. my trip to monterey did not look this good. :) hope you guys had a great time!

  5. Ridiculously Allegiant cancelled our Monterey flights. Now we can only fly to Bellingham.

  6. i love monterey bay so much. love the pictures too, simply lovely.

    also, now i want chowder in a bread bowl, mmmm.

  7. LOVE every single one of your photos & really? $15 flights?

  8. love your aquarium pics! I've tried this myself and totally failed. Looks like it was a great trip :)

  9. No offense to Mr. Monkey, but my favorite pic was of the mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich with the sea otters being a very close second.

  10. Ooooooh! I have always wanted to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! We should do a Long Beach Aquarium photo GTG some time! It'd be fun.

  11. OK I literally LOL'ed at the pic of Mr. Monkey in the egg. Lovely photos!

  12. mr. mo's pictures always make me giggle.

  13. We love Monterey so much. Great montage!


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