Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lechon Asado in Little Tokyo


It doesn't seem very smart to eat at a Cuban restaurant in Little Tokyo, but Mr. Monkey and I do so anyway.
cuba central 032
Cuba Central is a small family-run restaurant smack-dab in the middle of a Japanese microcosm. We are repeat patrons, even though the place can be sort of hit or miss, but it's the hits and the reasonable prices that keep us coming back.
cuba central 034cuba central 033
If you don't expect greatness, you won't be disappointed. You may even be pleasantly surprised. The drinks here are always interesting and yummy. Mr. Monkey enjoyed his Materva, while I happily downed a peach mojito.
cuba central 041cuba central 040
I found my lechon asado ($12) rather delectable. It's not remotely as good as Glam's, of course, but few things are!
cuba central 045
Mr. Monkey's ropa vieja ($12) was lovely, too. I found it a bit on the salty side, but he didn't think so.
cuba central 044
Our dining companion tried the arroz frito ($10), which she said was very tasty except for the dry chicken in it. Boo.
cuba central 042
Our extra side of plantains brought a little sweetness to the table.
cuba central 046
Service at Cuba Central is somewhat hit or miss, too. We were lucky last night to have a hit. Our server was warm and attentive and made our meal all the more enjoyable.


  1. I always wonder how that place stays open. It's not bad, as you point out, but it's in such an odd location and I've never seen it crowded.

  2. Your plantains are making me drool.

  3. hmmm, i'd never think to have cuban in little tokyo. looks tasty.


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