Sunday, April 22, 2012

Afghan Near the Andaz: Chopahn

Chopahn is an Afghan restaurant just steps away from the Andaz Hotel, so we gave it a go.  We were quite pleased with our dinner.
I'd recommend this restaurant to anybody up for something a little different in San Diego.

We opted to share one $35 three-course dinner (soup, entree, dessert), some appetizers, and one additional entree.

Sambosa -- fried pastries filled with ground beef and chickpeas ($7.95).
Aushak -- steamed dumplings filled with leeks and spring onions topped with yogurt, meat sauce, and mint ($6.95).
Mantu -- steamed dumplings filled with chopped beef, herbs, and onions topped with yogurt and sauteed mixed vegetables ($6.95).
A delicious appetizer assortment!  Spice party in your mouth!

Aush -- chicken-based vegetable soup with noodles, yogurt, meat sauce, dill.
Like a soup version of our appetizers.  Nice on a cold night.

Saffron salmon and shrimp -- charbroiled salmon and sauteed jumbo shrimp with saffron sauce, asparagus, and white basmati rice.
Light and bright.  Good for you health.  Good for your tastebuds.

Quabili pallaw -- seasoned pieces of lamb under a mound of delicately seasoned browned basmati rice topped with carrot and raisins ($18.95).
Fantastic sweet and savory mix.  The lamb was so rich and tender.

Firnee -- light pudding with cardamom, slivered almonds, and pistachios.
I love kheer, so I knew I was going to love this, too.  Sweet but not too sweet.

Chopahn serves delicious food with a smile.  You'll leave with one as a result.

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  1. I've never had afghan food before. I'm interested in everything here, except those damned raisins.


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