Friday, April 27, 2012

You Should Make This Your Haunt: Neighborhood

Neighborhood rocks.  Everything there is delightful and yummy.  If you're in San Diego, you should surely visit.
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There are small plates and big plates.  You can make a meal of snacks or have a true entree.

If you want an Arnold Palmer, you get this.
milk 004
Great ingredients to mix your own!

Apple Wallie -- Granny Smith apple bisect, cumin mayo emulsion, smoked pecans, arugula, cranberries ($9).
milk 021
Crisp, tart, and nutty.

Farmer fresh strawberry spinach salad, shaved fennel, crispy goat cheese, honey balsamic dressing ($8).
milk 018
Sweet, fried, and creamy.

Jalapeño mac and cheese ($7).
milk 011
Rich and dreamy with a bit of kick.

Chorizo corn dogs, mustard seed aioli, smoked chipotle aioli ($9).
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milk 029milk 032
milk 024
Such fun food!

At night, Neighborhood has a completely different vibe -- great place to drink and meet friends!


  1. I've eaten there before and had their albondigas after a rough night in the gaslamp. It was one of the best I've ever had. Highly recommend that when it's available.

  2. I may need to head here for my gtg with jtx! The salad looks so gooooood.

  3. i dig the DIY arnold palmer.

  4. We had a great time there, following your suggestion! We even ended up chatting with our neighboring table about those amazing chorizo corn dogs. :)

  5. Definitely good grubbin' there!

    But you didn't mention Noble Experiment!


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