Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sweet Bliss: Heavenly Cupcake

Heavenly Cupcake is a regular stop for us when we visit San Diego.  Please note that we did not eat all of these cupcakes at once.  This is the documentation of several visits!
san diego 274
san diego 275
san diego 042
san diego 045
san diego 050
san diego 052
san diego 282
san diego 286
san diego 287
san diego 030
san diego 034
heavenly cupcake 004
Flavors change daily and often include creative and interesting options like snickerdoodle, chocolate peanut butter cup, thin mint, and lemon coconut.  We keep going back because the cupcakes are delightfully dense, moist, and not too sweet.  Yum!


  1. I was there in the winter and had their cupcakes. They are really good!

  2. The cupcake halos are adorable!

  3. still am not over cupcakes. doubt i ever will be.


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