Monday, April 2, 2012

On the Road in Salinas: Toro Place Cafe

When Allegiant Air had its amazing $15 flight promotion, we snatched up a flight to Monterey (sadly, a flight that no longer exists), and we headed to Salinas. Yes, Salinas! You will see the worthwhile reason for our trip in the next post, but here's some Salinas tastiness for now.

Toro Place Cafe (665 Monterey Salinas Highway, Salinas) is everything a roadside diner should be -- cozy, folksy, and delicious.
vision quest ranch 007
vision quest ranch 022
vision quest ranch 009
vision quest ranch 018
vision quest ranch 020
Toro Place Cafe has no shortage of kitschy decor.

Hot chocolate and orange juice (each $2.50).
vision quest ranch 014
Look at that whipped cream piled high!

Meat Lovers -- ham, bacon, sausage, linguica, cheese ($10.25).
vision quest ranch 015
Is there any way that we carniwhores wouldn't love this? Meat! Meat! Meat! Rawr!

Mediterranean Scramble -- three eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, feta, spinach ($10.25).
vision quest ranch 017
Refreshing compared to the meat. Tee hee hee. It must be noted that the hash browns with both dishes were absolutely glorious.

Toast and biscuit sides included with above entrees.
vision quest ranch 016
Hot and wonderful when slathered with butter.

All-American yum!


  1. Damn, this looks good. I always order hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream when I go to breakfast, it makes it so much better-haha. Can't believe you got flights for $15, that's amazing.

  2. i might have to stop here when we head to monterey in august, yum.

  3. the bear's life quest is to find the best hash browns ever.


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