Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bar-B-Queue: Phil's BBQ

Phil's BBQ is extremely popular.  It's so popular that you can view the line for food via a webcam.  Now why would we subject ourselves to this?
san diego 096
san diego 099
san diego 101
san diego 102
san diego 103
san diego 105
san diego 106
In the interest of full disclosure, I can't say that we've ever actually stood in the serpentine line.  Whenever we go, we phone in our order, grab our food to go, and eat in our hotel room!  Just as yummy!  No waiting!

Baby back rib tickler -- three bones, two onion rings, slaw, fries ($6.95).
san diego 111
san diego 112
Fabulous.  All of it.

Beef rib dinner -- three bones and large side (we got the full corn-on-the-cob) ($13.95).
san diego 115
san diego 123
san diego 117
san diego 119
This is what you get at Phil's BBQ.  You go for the beef ribs!  Trust me on this one.  I am a huge fan of baby back ribs.  I always like baby back ribs more than any other ribs.  Or so I thought.

Phil's BBQ changed my mind.  BEEF RIBS FOR THE WIN.


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