Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Hotel Dining: JSix

Jsix is the restaurant at Hotel Solamar.  We ate there once because the hotel gave us a card for a rather significant discount.  Many hotel restaurants don't impress, but our dinner was surprisingly pleasant!
san diego 273
san diego 235
san diego 234
Our "Chef's Mercy" menu consisted of five courses and typically costs $49.

Bread with Kalamata olive tapenade.
san diego 237
For some reason, I like tapenade even though I hate olives.  Yeah, I know it doesn't make sense.

Tuna Three Ways: Hawaiian ahi tuna tartare with olive vinaigrette, pine nuts, and orange essence; seared local albacore with chanterelles and aioli; Italian tuna confit.
san diego 238
Welcome to the 1990s!  Even so, this was done quite well.

Slow-roasted sweet corn ravioli with truffle essence, white corn, basil, braised leeks, and herb oil.
san diego 244
Loved loved loved this fresh pasta.

Roasted wild king salmon with beluga lentils, smoked bacon, frisee, figs, and red wine sauce.
san diego 248
Nice crisp skin.  Good smoky flavor.

Duo of Beef: Red wine braised short rib with braised greens and red wine reduction and grilled petite filet of beef.
san diego 253
san diego 256
I preferred the short rib because it was more tender.

Puff pastry with pineapple carpaccio, Rainier cherries jubilee, and strawberry swirl ice cream. Assorted bonbons.
san diego 266
san diego 272
Puff pastry is always a hit with me.  Mr. Monkey loved the pretty chocolates.

I probably wouldn't recommend Jsix as a destination restaurant in San Diego, but I'd encourage you to go if you were staying at Hotel Solamar and got a discount card like we did.

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