Monday, April 9, 2012

A Little Taste of France: Cafe Chloe

We've eaten at Cafe Chloe in San Diego a number of times.  It's usually within walking distance of wherever we're staying, and the food is solid even if the service may sometimes be slow.
san diego 006san diego 009
The menu changes frequently.  It's always filled with delicious seasonal options.

Choucroute garnie special -- smoked pork loin, braised pork belly, lamb and duck sausage, sauerkraut, and steamed fingerlings ($23).
san diego 015
So very Alsacian! Germany meets France! Juicy! Meaty! Tangy!

Pomme frites with trio of dips ($7.50).
san diego 014
Hot, crisp, and irresistible!

Macaroni, pancetta, and blue d'auvergne gratin ($15).
san diego 021
As good as it sounds

One time, we sat outside and could see the fireworks at Petco Park.
san diego 024
san diego 028
Brunch at Cafe Chloe is a joy, as well.  Maybe even better than dinner.  Pretty reliable joint.

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