Monday, April 23, 2012

An American Brasserie: Currant

We've eaten at Currant twice and enjoyed it both times.  Currant is probably the best part about The Sofia Hotel.
san diego 063
san diego 062
san diego 059
san diego 060
The space is high-ceilinged and comfortable.

Mr. Monkey had fresh-squeezed orange juice ($3).  I got a super cheap mimosa ($3).
san diego 045
For only $8, you can make your mimosa bottomless!  A veritable steal!

Chorizo hash and eggs -- two eggs any style, red chili sauce, toast ($8.95).
san diego 066
The hash was made of sweet potatoes and steeped with spicy chorizo. Great spicy start to the day!

Machaca breakfast burrito -- pulled short ribs, jack cheese, scrambled eggs, red chili sauce ($9.95).
san diego 067
Stuffed to the brim with beefy goodness.  Definitely no skimping on meat here.

Currant feels very different at night.
san diego 365san diego 371
san diego 373
Hot bread and butter greet you.

Duck salad ($11.95).
san diego 381
Hazelnuts and strawberries? Yes, please!

Moules frites ($14.95).
san diego 374
Strong rendition of the French classic.

Duck linguine ($18.95).
san diego 384
Ample meat, powerful flavors, springy pasta.

Duck cassoulet ($22.95).
san diego 387
Yeah, we love duck.  This was my fave dish of the night.

Chevre cheesecake -- goat cheese, granola crust, raspberry coulis, fresh seasonal berries ($8.95).
san diego 393
Creamy and strong.  Don't get this if you don't love goat cheese.

Currant is a modern French bistro with American warmth and hospitality that's worth visiting.

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  1. i don't really love goat cheese, but i'd probably try that cheesecake anyway.


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