Thursday, July 5, 2007

Adieu, Adieu to You and You and You

Mansmell gave notice today. I'd known it was coming for quite some time now, and I did my usual excellent job of keeping mum. I'm saddened that my buddy is leaving, but I'm very happy that he's pursuing a new opportunity. At least he'll only be a few blocks away.

Here's to new beginnings and maintaining friendships beyond work. All the best, Mansmell. We will miss your wit, amiable nature, good work, and navigational skills. Thanks for being a pal, and don't be a stranger.


  1. here's to hoping you're next! and good luck to mansmell.

  2. Word to Wan!

    I hate it when work friends leave. It makes me so sad. :-(

  3. *sigh* The theme of am associate's work life should be emtitled "turmover". Good luck Mamsmell!!


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