Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Game Time

King Taco and game shows? What could be better? Not much, except, perhaps actually being on the shows. Since my win on Pyramid (the short-lived version hosted by Donny Osmond) back in November 2002 ($11,500 to be precise), I've been aching to get on another show. Tonight, I watched two shows that are right up my alley, and, tomorrow night, there may be another contender.

In the tradition of Wife Swap and Trading Spouses or Supernanny and Nanny 911, the networks have once again spawned copycat shows. Debuting tonight on NBC was The Singing Bee, hosted by Joey Fatone. Tomorrow, Wayne Brady emcees Don't Forget the Lyrics on FOX.

As I munched on my carnitas burrito, I played along with The Singing Bee tonight. It's really a hit-or-miss endeavor. I knew the precise lyrics to all but two songs in the episode, so conceivably I could've won, but, of course, had I run into either of those songs, I would've been eliminated. In any event, the jackpot is only $50,000, and I didn't find the show particularly compelling. I'm hoping that FOX's version is better and offers a higher potential payday.
After my burrito, I tuned into the 2007 World Series of Pop Culture on VH1. Most of the questions are pretty easy, but some are real stumpers. I really enjoyed this show last year, so I'm glad this is back! The only drawback of this show is that you must depend on two teammates, which, while fun, can also be frustrating. I think I'd rather just depend on myself. Nix.

Don't Forget the Lyrics, please be good, please be good....


  1. p wants to go on that show but always has a hard time thinking of a third teammate ;).

    i always hated group projects.

    i now want a burrito. at barely past 9 AM. and not a breakfast burrito.

  2. i always thought i was pretty up on my pop culture, but my resistance to shows like "lost" and "survivor" and my lack of interest in music seem to be obstacles in getting a lot of questions right. boo.

    however, i'll be tuning in to "don't forget the lyrics" too. we should have interactive knot/tv tonight.

  3. i was saying the same thing about the pop culture thing last night.... i would have kicked ass but for two questions...which would have meant my elimination but i could take that show down if i got more then one chance to be wrong.

  4. I also watched Singing Bee...I can't believe they actually played an 'N Sync song!

  5. Why don't you try out for SYTYCD? That's kinda a game show.

    I think I could for sure win one of those lyrics shows, I think I know almost every lyric ever.

    I could also win "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" I win it every week.

  6. I love the WSOPC!! I'd be a good teammate...I think. ;)

  7. I'm an unlucky bastard so I'd be no good on game shows. I want Hubbs to go on though...he's lucky and I want to pay off debt.

  8. I watched WSOPC last night and found myself answering a phenomenal number of questions on both sides. Granted, some totally killed me, but I did pretty well. And I did well in the movie categories, which would be a total shocker to my kids (who claim I've never seen any movies...pshhh).


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