Monday, July 30, 2007

Food Fight

The No White Rice, No White Bread, No White Pasta, No Fried Foods Quest continues. I cheated a little at Trish's wedding. To be exact, I had the following contraband items: spanakopita (damn you, tasty phyllo dough), curry chicken in new roasted potato (damn you, tasty spud), and wedding cake (damn you, tasty fluffy goodness).

When Mr. Monkey was in the Midwest for work last week, The Quest was going extremely well, but, now that he's back, I find myself struggling to keep this up. Knowing full well that I was on this limited diet, Mr. Monkey agreed to go to a ramen place with his family this past weekend, which sort of pissed me off. It's a ramen place! All they serve is -- surprise -- RAMEN!

While everybody else slurped up huge bowls of noodles, I ate a tiny plate of vinegar pork.

So. Not. Satisfying.

Even Li'l Monkey Niece ("LMN") savored a small bowl of fried rice. Everybody at the table was commenting on how great the noodles and soup were. I just pushed my stupid dinky little slices of pork around my plate, attempting to coat them in more vinegar for more flavor. Pathetic.

I guess they're not really related to this fat post, but here are some pics of LMN at the ramen place. (I guess they're sort of related. You can kind of see the big bowls of noodles I couldn't eat.) Even though I had plenty of time for snapshots in light of my minuscule meal o' meat, LMN was just too fast for my iPhone.

Notwithstanding wedding and ramen hurdles, I press on. At lunch, I had a grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette. I got hungry around 4 p.m., so I ate one stick of low-fat string cheese.

For dinner, I had a small turkey sandwich on thin slices of multigrain bread and a nectarine. Just one foot away from me, Mr. Monkey inhaled half a fried chicken, a bowl of Rainier cherries, two old fashioned donuts, and two Diddy Riese cookies. He weighs only six more pounds than I do and is seven inches taller.



  1. boo to boys' metabolism. i now want ramen before 8 AM in the morning. good work on the self-discipline. eat some cherries! fruit is good for losing weight, according to miss ashley's hubs.

  2. hang in there girl! it does, in fact, get easier as your body gets used to your routine. not much help now, but you know we're all pulling for you :-) and boys' metabolism just sucks!

  3. See the benefit to doing all the cooking is that the boy eats what I feed him. If I have tofu and spinach for dinner, he has tofu and spinach for dinner. I think its time you took over the kitchen.

  4. Torture indeed! Hubbs has a crazy metabolism too, but it's slowing down. Hee hee. Guess who barely fit his suit on Saturday. ;)

    I feel every bit of your Quest filled pain. Press on and you'll see results.

    Is the Quest permanent??

  5. Diets suck.

    But you're doing great!!

    I love your label for this post.

  6. good for you, monkey! you've got more willpower than i do. and shame on mr. monkey ;) be supportive of your wife, man!

  7. I'm so impressed with you. I would've ordered a nice steaming bowl of ramen. Keep up the good work. I may need to come to you for inspiration.

    LMN is so adorable. I want squeeze her.


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