Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Really Need to Get on This Show

Yes, I'm talking about Don't Forget the Lyrics again. Tonight was the second night and culmination of first contestant Katie Moeser's very successful run. Kudos to the the show for excellent casting. This girl was fun and enthusiastic, and, as I watched, I wanted her to win so badly that I actually clapped and cheered several times.
She ended up winning $350,000! Mr. Monkey thought I was crazy when I jumped with joy. What can I say? I'm an active television viewer!

Want to get on this show? Click here for details.

On an unrelated note, a big fat YAY for SYTYCD finally giving Cedric the boot! I was really nervous for my fave of all time, Hok. Phew. Girls? There are girls on the show? I don't care about the girls. Thbpppppt.


  1. I finally got to catch this show. I liked it, too, but that girl's voice was killing me! She was lots of fun, but still...

    I'm sure you'd do FABULOUS on that show! If they have LA auditions again, I'd totally go with you. ;)

  2. I have to agree that show rocks! I was torn though because it was airing the same time as VH1's World Series of Pop Culture! Now THAT show is the one we all need to get on. I think you me and Nanette would be a good team...

  3. I have soooo much to say to you:
    1) I am with you on the "Don't forget the lyrics" but because I'm oh so cynical, I'm not quite certain that Ms. Katie Moeser wasn't a plug.... She was a little too perfect...a little too dramatic... The boy thinks I'm ridiculous.

    2) We decided last night then when I'm not studying for the bar and I go on this show, you and Jess are going to be my backups. So be prepared.

    3) How can you not love the girls? This is such a girls season. I honestly think they're much more talented than the guys this year (with the exception of Danny, who I just don't see winning this thing).

    4) I was also glad to see Cedric go, but I felt a twinge of sadness about Shawna. I mean she's not fantastic with the partners, but I honestly believe its because her partners have always sucked. I really don't like Jamie and would have loved to see Hok and Shawna together.

  4. This was the first show I've watched all season. That one judge is nuts!


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