Saturday, July 21, 2007


Say It, Don't Spray It recently named me a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Thanks!
Nanette said the following about me:
WeezerMonkey (WeeMo, if you're nasty) is part of a group of some of my best friends dubbed The SFAM (sister from another mister, if you will). Some day I'll provide the back story of how we all met, but that's an entirely different post all together. While there are quite a number of the SFAMily who are recent bloggers, I'm calling out WeeMo because that bitch (hee, hee) already gets a ton o' comments, which speaks to how much she rocks! She's spunky and attracts the crazies other wacky gals (myself included).
Now, it's my turn to name another five, so here goes:
2007's journey
Charming newlywed chronicles her adventures in L.A.

Confessions of a Wifezilla
Another newlywed adjusts to long-distance married life.

The JQ Lounge

Bostonian reports on celebrity gossip, fashion, and general pop culture.

Married Not Buried
Wife and mom proves that marriage doesn't mean the death of fun.

Paved With Good Intentions
Talented cook strives to maintain sanity while studying for the bar exam.
Go forth and rock, ladies! And by "rock," I mean "select another five cool chicks, and keep up your fine blogging."


  1. Its really just an honor to be nominated. JK--Winning totally beats that! I read your brief bio- i did not know you went to school in Boston. Was ur experience here everything you dreamed of and more? :)

  2. Thanks! I love reading your blog!! Thank you for picking mine too :)

  3. Wow! I'm honored to be tagged by the Monkey. Although I feel pressure to be good now...dammit. Thanks and you know I puffy heart your blog too. :)


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