Friday, July 20, 2007

Super Marketing

Today the Ralphs Fresh Fare opened downtown. There hasn't been a supermarket downtown in 57 years, so I guess it's sort of a big deal. Nevertheless, as I walked to work this morning, I was really surprised to see throngs of people and news vans in front of the new Ralphs.

(These photos were made possible by my glorious iPhone. Now I can take decent pics anywhere I go. w00t!)
Seriously, people? IT'S A SUPERMARKET. Mind you, the store didn't open until 11:00 a.m. These idiots were standing around waiting for a freakin' supermarket to open. Stupid!

As much disdain as I had for these morning dummies, I can't lie -- deep down inside, I couldn't wait to check the place out after work. And check it out, I did. My friend Talksa came along, too, after I told her there was free wine tasting and food samples. Whee!

While I'm glad I didn't wait in line to get in, I'm even more glad that I visited with my buddy Talksa. We actually had a lot of fun at Ralphs. Embarrassing, but true! For one thing, this was quite possibly the cleanest and neatest supermarket I'd ever seen. Yes, it was day one, but it really is a very well laid-out space, and the organization of the shelves and produce is impressive -- almost artistic!

The produce selection was not only fresh, but it was extensive and included a number of more exotic offerings, such as rambutan, pepinos, kiwano melons, baby pineapple, baby purple cauliflower, and dragon beans. Ralphs Fresh Fare also carries ample organic produce. Talksa couldn't resist the beautiful display of peaches and nectarines.

The fruit and vegetables weren't the only things that were bright, colorful, and fresh. Fresh Fare's flowers looked amazingly gorgeous for supermarket blooms.

If you're running late for a get-together, Ralphs Fresh Fare can be your savior. You can pick up a bouquet and then choose from a wide array of wines.

This swanky supermarket also makes a ton of prepared food that looks very yummy. You can get everything from made-to-order sushi to carving station meats to oven-roasted dungeness crab to fresh fruit Belgian tarts. As Talksa waited for her sushi, I had plenty of time to snap away, much to the delight of a curious employee who admired my iPhone.

Finally, you can pick up your prescription from the pharmacy, get your clothes from the dry cleaner, and grab an ice-blended from the full Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf all inside the supermarket. You can check out by yourself if you choose.
Slated to join this supermarket soon are Cold Stone Creamery, Robeks, Pastagina, and The UPS Store. Gentrification at its finest.

Hooray for Ralphs Fresh Fare! Now the Monkeys no longer have to patronize the ghetto Ralphs!


  1. I remember when the Ralphs Fresh Fare opened in Westwood. It was a big deal there too. Now I'm lucky enough to live across from a Pavilions which had not only a Starbucks inside, but also my bank, and a Jamba Juice. It's a supa-dupa market.

  2. Woohoo! That is awesome! Drycleaning at the market?? I think I'm in love. I'm happy for you - you needed something down there!

  3. damn girl, you sho had fun with that camera phone!! :) yes, i went to the mayan tonight and noticed that the ralphs opened.

    i was looking into buying at the roosevelt and the raplhs was one of their sales pitch. i thought they were bull%^&*ing me, but i guess i was wrong. maybe downtown will be an option...

    won't you be my neighbor?

  4. One of the things I miss the most about living in Cali is Ralph's. There is definitely something to be said about comfort marketing.

  5. this was huge news on the morning shows. while i snickered a little bit, i really did think it was cool that they finally opened! i'm such a nerd that i actually like going grocery shopping. :X

  6. That's a fancy food store. ;)


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