Friday, July 6, 2007

Bobbled Head

We are professional Dodger game attendees. Every season, I go to about 15 games. Mr. Monkey goes to even more. Just this week, I went to two games, and he went to three. We are such pros that we maneuver in and out of the park in a matter of minutes. We know where the best lot is. We never carry purses or bags, so we can zip through the entrance without being searched. We know where the grilled Dodger dogs are. We know where the shortest lines are. We know precisely when the Hat Shuffle, Chevy truck race, Dodger trivia, and Universal Studios trivia come on. We get up before everybody else does for the seventh inning stretch.

We're pros. We don't mess around.

But tonight we screwed up.

When we buy tickets before the beginning of the season, we make sure to get all the games with good free giveaways. This year our loot has already included a fleece blanket, distressed baseball cap, mesh baseball cap, and Smashbox lip gloss (it was Mother's Day). But, like every true Dodger fan, our favorites are always the bobbleheads.

Mr. Monkey has an extensive bobblehead collection. "Extensive" doesn't do it justice. Mr. Monkey has every Dodger bobblehead ever produced except for one Tommy Lasorda bobblehead.

Tonight was Rafael Furcal's night to be immortalized in nodding glory. We each got our free Raffy, settled into our seats, chowed on some Camacho's Nachos, and high-fived our neighbors five times during the fifth inning (five runs were scored). Then, like always, we hightailed it outta there to beat the crowds and traffic.

We forgot our bobbleheads.

By the time we realized the error of our ways, we were halfway to the car. I told Mr. Monkey we should go back, but he said, "Nah, it's ok. Somebody probably already took them anyway." I consoled him in the car, but he didn't really seem to need it. "It's not that important. I don't really need them." I felt so sad for Mr. Monkey. He was taking this incredibly well.

When we got home, I took a shower and put on my pajamas. I went to the living room.

"Look! They're already on eBay!"

Raffy's coming next week in the mail.


  1. Oh so they're called BObbleheads!! I didn't know! Not a baseball fan but a tennis one. I bet there's a Billy Jean King Bobblehead!

  2. That was an awesome story! :) How great is eBay?

    BTW, I can't decide which frozen yogurt I prefer. They are both delicious and very different. Sometimes I like GS and sometimes I feel like PB...

  3. Eww, that's the worst feeling when you leave something behind like that. It would be ironic if he was purchasing his own bobblehead though, huh?

  4. Dude...Mr. Shorty Cake would get along great with Mr. Monkey! ;)

  5. guys sound exactly like us at Angels games!

  6. i really want to go to a doger game! holla at yo girl!

  7. aw, man! boo to the missing bobbleheads. i'm sad that you had to buy the damn thing on ebay after you already had it in your hot little hands.


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