Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Graceful Reunion

Grace is like your best guy friend -- reliable, warm, comfortable, and masculine.
grace 001grace 004
grace 005grace 006
But, like your best guy friend, there's a certain sexiness that's missing. You love Grace to pieces. You love Grace with all your heart. But you don't burn for Grace. Know what I mean?

The key, though, is you do love Grace. It is worthy of your love, and it loves you back. Grace's dineLA sets ($44 for starter, entree, dessert) are some of the best offered this year. I thought it was the perfect place for my friends to reunite.

My blogging friend Insomniac recognized my work friend Bax on my blog awhile ago. They not only went to the same high school, but they sang together in their vaunted school choir. The two hadn't seen each other for years, so what better time to reunite than dineLA Restaurant Week?

We each started with a curator ($15).
grace 007
Bax started with the shrimp cavatelli ($5 addition). Great texture and flavor.
grace 008
Insomniac started with the dungeness crab salad with English peas and Meyer lemon vinaigrette. Cool, fresh, and delectable.
grace 012
I started with the roasted chestnut and squash soup with pistachios and duck confit. A creamy rich mix of so many things I love! Highly recommend.
grace 013
Bax had scallops for her entree ($5 addition). A seared party in your mouth.
grace 017
Insomniac and I both chose the braised beef short ribs with red wine risotto, cavolo nero, and red wine sauce. The risotto was good, but the real stars were the meat and vegetable. The short ribs were tender and savory, and the cavolo nero paired very well.
grace 019
For dessert, Insomniac opted for the orange-filled doughnuts with chocolate gelato ($5 addition). The doughnuts were sugary, warm, and infused with a pleasant citrus surprise.
grace 020
Bax and I enjoyed our sticky toffee pudding with hazelnut gelato and bruleed bananas. "Enjoyed" might not be a strong enough word for me. I cherished every single buttery fantastic bite.
grace 026
I had a lovely time laughing with these two.
grace 027 b&w
dineLA officially ends February 6, but Grace is offering its dineLA menu for an additional four days from February 8-12. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this extended deal.


  1. Finally! I've been waiting and waiting to hear about the big reunion. What's with all the $5 add ons?

  2. great work on the photography!! Everything looks awesome. Especially those donuts. Yum.

  3. Yum to all of it - and yet again, I wish I could fly to LA and have dinner with you and insom.

  4. Oooh, we DID have the same exact thing. I agree -- Grace is delicious!!

  5. I might have to fly back to CA just to eat here.

  6. i'm scared of fish, but those scallops look really really good. i mean.. even better if you through some bacon around them. but still.. really good

  7. The dessert is practically calling my name.

  8. The internet is amazing!

  9. Wow, I would love to eat any and all of that meal. :) I'm glad you got to play internet connector.

  10. Do they serve any meals on the NutriSystem plan?

  11. It all looks great, but the add-on fees are kind of a downer. Have you been to Sunday burger night here? I guess I could ask you this over e-mail, but I'm too lazy to open another window. ;)

  12. i was there last year and the food was fabulous. this all looks pretty darn yummy, too.

  13. i love how you brought two old friends back together. and over food! there's no better way to reunite. did it feel so good?


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