Friday, May 8, 2009

Not Operatic at All

For Administrative Professionals Day, we went to Caffe Opera per the Shark's rec.
caffe opera 022
caffe opera 019
caffe opera 020
caffe opera 010
caffe opera 011
My Arnold Palmer. Too much tea. Not enough lemonade. Bah.
caffe opera 013
New York strip loin paillard, Danish Havarti, and eggplant panini ($12). Meh.
caffe opera 014
Wienerdude's nicoise salad ($13). Didn't eat it. No comment.
caffe opera 016
Apple tart in a veritable cinnamon avalanche. Bleh.
caffe opera 018
Bah + Meh + Bleh = Very Average = No Return Visit.

The flowers I got from Jacob Maarse were waiting for my assistant at the CIA.
observations 027
She said she liked them.

I got my own gift a couple weeks later for my belated one-year anniversary at the CIA. The box was huge and deceptive.
cia anniversary gift 001
See how big? It dwarfed my highlighter.
cia anniversary gift 002
The opening process -- even the bubble wrap was branded with labeled tape.
cia anniversary gift 003
cia anniversary gift 004
cia anniversary gift 005
cia anniversary gift 006
Whee. Yes, sans exclamation point. Wienerdude said I should return it for store credit. We looked it up. $30. I guess I'm keeping it. To the CIA's credit, it was a nice thought. Neither of my former firms acknowledged my first anniversary, so $30 > $0. Yay.

The weirdest thing, however, was that my tiny crystal bowl was accompanied by a yearbook-like photo of...myself. The CIA gave me a picture of myself, people.
cia anniversary gift 008
What do I do with this? Place it next to my monitor and gaze longingly at my own face? I'm pretty conceited, but this doesn't appeal to even my egotistical ass.


Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like a corporate photo of your daughter and an itty-bitty bowl in a ginormous Tiffany box, right?


  1. Those are the ideal re-gifting items. Make momma proud.

  2. That's pretty funny. Nice they thought of you on your anniversary, but really, they shouldn't have. ;)

  3. That photo is creepy! Why in the world would they think you wanted a photo of yourself?

  4. It's the thought that counts . . . sort of. My husband's CIA-type company also likes to give us very random Tiffany stuff for x'mas. I have yet opened one of last year's boxes :-P

  5. The best part is that my mom reads my blog. Hi, Mommy!

  6. I am dying over the photo. You need to keep it on your desk! "Hey me...lookin' good today!"

  7. I'm actually impressed that the CIA doles out gifts like this. The picture makes it that much more perfect. :)

  8. awesome. not. but kind of. in a twisted way.

  9. Sorry your lunch sucked, Rivers. At least you got a pretty bowl. I say, fill it with candy and place it on the corner of your desk.

  10. Your mom is going to love the bowl. Heck my mom loves that stuff.

    I think u should keep the photo on your desk and frame it.

  11. i was so excited at the sight of that familiar blue box. ah, well, it IS the thought that counts. and hey, it's a cute picture of you!

    dude, i could've told you that caffe opera blows. ick. they got shut down a couple of years ago for excessive bugs in the kitchen. BUGS. IN THE KITCHEN. gross.

  12. I know it blows.

    But I don't challenge what the boss wants.

  13. that photo of you looks great!

  14. HAHA, that's should use it as your oatmeal bowl. How many people are rocking Tiffany for their morning oatmeal?

  15. assuming the bowl is microwave safe, of course LOL

  16. I wish I could eat oatmeal out of it. At best, I could probably put, like, five Skittles in it.

  17. Those flowers are gorgeous, nice pick!

    My mom would enjoy getting the bowl and a photo of me. Regifting at its best, haha.

  18. I never thought I would feel Meh about something that came in a Tiffany box. Now I know.

  19. That photo is kind of awesome. Like, who thought it would be a good idea to give that to people?

  20. It's 7:30 a.m., and I am now starving for a huge dinner. Thanks, hobag.

  21. Uh, and I meant to post that in your other post, not this one about mediocre food :-)

  22. I totally blanked out on Administrative Assistant's Day this year. And usually I'm so on top of it.

  23. The flowers you gave your assistant were sooooo fabby!

    I didn't even realize Tiffany's sold something for $30.

  24. Heehee! It reminds me of when my first law firm gave me a sterling silver pen from Tiffany's as a welcome gift. Yes, I did exchange it. I still enjoy the lovely brooch I selected instead :-)

  25. Sure beats what I got for my one year anniversary ... more work!!

    I adore Jacob Maarse!

  26. can't tell whether i'm deliriously tired (obvi since i woke up at 3am and am reading blogs to curb my narcolepsy) but this cracked me up. meh & blah = will try not to use those later today when I head to the MIL's half of the mothers day celebration ;)

    That packaging alone looks well over $30 though- And WHEN is the blog contest to win your corp. pic?

  27. All subpar food and gifts aside, it looks like there was some appreciation all around!

    That Tiffany bowl looks perfect for collecting $.02 at a time. Please don't ever eat out of it, lead poisoning is the weakest.

  28. This post seriously made me LOL. You definitely should gaze at yourself all day long. Why not?

  29. did you watch twin peaks? your picture looks like laura palmer's. like you are up to no good. hahaha.

    my one year was this saturday. the only thing that would have made that fact more depressing would have been getting a $30 bowl.

  30. The flowers were beautiful. Your CIA gift made me laugh. So hard.

  31. The bowl and the picture are too funny. I also love that your mom mentioned why she didn't get the bowl for Mother's Day. Awesome :)


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