Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sun, Fun, But No Home Run

The Monkeys are in San Diego with Brother Monkey and Torry this weekend. Yay! It is a wonderful thing when your family is fun.

We got to San Diego late Friday night. If you use priceline and bid $100, you get a nautical Tommy Hilfiger-esque room near the airport with a view of the bay.
sheraton 005
sheraton 004
sheraton 003
sheraton 002
sheraton 006
But at least it's clean. And all we do is sleep there anyway.

On Saturday, we went to The Mission for brunch.
padres 001
padres 005
padres 008
padres 010
padres 009
This little dog really enjoyed playing with Mr. Monkey while we waited for a table.
padres 004
The short wait was well worth it. Mr. Monkey started off with a blackberry-banana smoothie.
padres 012
He and Brother Monkey both devoured breakfast quesadillas.
padres 015
I had an awesome croissant sandwich.
padres 016
Torry's dish looked great, too, although I forgot to photograph it. Too busy stuffing my face!

Since we all had a hankering for savory dishes but also wanted to try something sweet, we got the Mission French Toast for the four of us to share. It was fantastic! Crispy, fluffy, sweet, warm, happy.
padres 014
After brunch, we decided to explore PETCO Park a bit. It was a good way to walk off our meal, and it was nice to see the grounds during the daytime without all the crowds.
padres 018
padres 020
padres 021
padres 022
padres 017
padres 024
padres 028
padres 029
padres 031
Here are all the boxes of t-shirts for the free giveaway later.
padres 030
Oddly, PETCO Park reminded us a lot of the Getty Museum.
padres 032
padres 033
padres 034
padres 035
padres 037
Now comes the part without photographic documentation. In the afternoon, we rented Waverunners and zoomed through the bay -- not exactly the place for my camera. Mr. Monkey sped up to 40 miles per hour. I clung to him for dear life and got a mild sunburn on my legs. Torry held tight to BroMo the whole time, too. Post-Waverunning, we hung out in one of the hotel's hot tubs. Good times.

Then it was time to go to PETCO Park for real (i.e., to see an actual game).
padres 040
padres 041
padres 044
padres 082
Our seats were so fancy that we had an option of eating at an all-you-can-eat buffet or having regular ballpark food brought to us by a server.
padres 081
padres 045
padres 046
padres 047
We opted to be served garlic fries, pulled pork sandwiches, nachos, and clam chowder, among other things.
padres 054
padres 056
padres 057
padres 058
We even had cotton candy in a tub brought to us.
padres 071
padres 073
We could check replays and scores on flatscreens in our section.
padres 068
padres 074
While PETCO Park is quite something -- new, state-of-the-art, and very comfortable -- the game itself was none too interesting. It was really a battle for the title of Slightly Less Sucky Team of the Night.
padres 052
padres 065
padres 066
padres 067
padres 083
The Giants won that battle, which I guess was nice for Torry, as she is originally from the Bay Area. Yes, I know that is blasphemous for a Dodger fan to say.

But we have Manny now, and the Giants are currently third-to-last in the entire National League. Muahahahahaha.

We left the game and walked around the Gaslamp Quarter, which was hustling and bustling on a Saturday night. Unsurprisingly, Ghirardelli was packed, so we had to seek dessert elsewhere.
padres 084
We somehow ended up here.
padres 086
We shared some strawberry shortcake and apple-berry cobbler...after our server dropped another table's Coke onto our table, shattering the glass and splashing the Coke all over.
padres 087
padres 088
The manager gave us a discount, and our server was very apologetic. No harm, no foul really, and we were pleased.

Day One in San Diego, finis.


  1. That's cool....

    sounds like a good time!!

    good pictures!!

    My hubby is a Giant's fan and I make fun of him all the time because the Giants suck this year.....:)

    I'm an Angel's fan.

  2. oh, those are fancy seats! I bought a pair for mr. ssinca's 30th b-day...we opted for the buffet because we're pigs.

  3. Anything the Giants can do to be even the slightest bit less sucktastic is a plus in my book. :)

    I pink puffy heart club seats with waiter service.

  4. I love San Diego! And I love's such a pretty park!

  5. I'm very disturbed by our parallel lives. I didn't read your blog post until after I made mine. Thanks for coming up with a helluva lot more pics than I did :)

  6. I love SD! I had no idea there was even a buffet at the ball park. Fabulous.

  7. I think I have a girl crush on Torry. But it's a harmless one, I assure you.

  8. Yeah, that Mission is far different from the other Mission:

  9. fun fun fun!

    would pay cash money to see you and the mister on the waverunners. make it happen next time ;)


  10. I think that is the only way I would ever go to a baseball game. Premium suite + food delivery please!

  11. Have not seen an Elephant & Castle in forever! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  12. Fabulous photos! You're getting better and better with it everyday :)

  13. Who do I have to sleep with to get game access like the Monkeys do?

  14. there's nothing better than seats that offer full service dining.

    although getting a good deal via priceline is pretty sweet, too.

  15. I think I would let someone pour coke all over me too in exchange for yummy hot cobbler with a gigantic scoop of ice cream on top.

  16. I've only been there once, nice new ballpark! I spent most of my time cruising around and getting lost. =)

  17. yay for ballgame food brought to you! i'm crying over the name on the cotton candy bucket.

  18. I think I told you that we went to Mission and I ordered the french toast. My God. So good. I had something else too but I forgot. Everything we had was phenomenal. Thanks for the rec!


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