Monday, June 9, 2008

Fenway and Friends

We are finally home. Our flight got in at 4:30 this morning.

My lovely silver Hello Kitty suitcase failed to come home with us.

Horror of horrors, my Marc Jacobs purse and BlackBerry are squashed in said suitcase, along with my still unworn Michael Kors halter dress, several favorite Paul Frank t-shirts, and my brand new camera battery charger that I just bought to replace my old camera battery charger that disappeared with our lost luggage in Argentina.

I am a sad sad monkey. Like super sad.

And my nose is still stuffy.

But the show must go on. Please think good thoughts for my luggage.

Day Two of my Reunion Weekend was a long one, but a great one! I do believe it was the best day of the weekend.

Saturday started with meeting the wonderful Julie Q at Durgin Park at Faneuil Hall, which was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our hotel.
boston 082
boston 083
I liked the old-time feel inside with the extended tables covered with red and white checkerboard.
boston 069
boston 070
I also loved the old-timer who visited us. Classic Yankee, just like the restaurant.
weemo and hubs
And then Mr. Old-Timer took this hilarious photo of us. More classic.
upclose and personal
Durgin Park is a revered Boston institution, supposedly infamous for horrible service. But I felt rather well taken care of there. The food was simple and tasty enough. I was excited to partake in a Boston tradition that I'd failed to experience during my undergraduate years.

Julie got to witness firsthand the ridiculousness that takes place when I photograph food. Mr. Monkey and I enjoyed our cornbread, short ribs, and cod sandwich.
boston 071
boston 072
boston 073
We enjoyed our darling Julie even more! She is fun and sassy and awesome!
boston 078
If you love celebrity gossip and no-holds barred hilarious commentary, please check out The JQ Lounge. You will love her! She is exactly as I imagined her to be in real life, and I knew we were going to have a great time as soon as I listened to her cheery voicemail on my cell phone.
boston 086
Julie and I walked around and chatted a bit while Mr. Monkey went back to the hotel to manage his fantasy baseball leagues, as well as try for Coldplay tickets online.
The Internet is an amazing place. In a way, Julie and I are modern pen pals. I think she and I are very much like our respective blogs. It is interesting how well you can get to know a person just through her writing. Meeting each other was such a treat! It's a damn shame we don't live in the same city.

After Mr. Monkey scored Coldplay tickets, Julie very generously offered to drive us to Harvard Square for my reunion barbecue. The Monkeys really really really appreciated Julie's kindness in sharing her well air conditioned car with us. So much better than taking the T!

Three words re the barbecue: hot sweaty mess.
boston 099
Ok. Those words don't really describe the barbecue itself, as all of the Reunion events were very well planned. But those were definitely good adjectives for yours truly all weekend long. I marvel at Bostonians. I can't handle the humidity.

See me with Calcetines Rojos?
boston 100
Note how I have sweaty hair plastered to my forehead and a heat-induced crazed look in my eye, while she, the native Bostonian, looks pretty and fresh as a daisy.

My old blockmate Knuck and his little baby boy, who also live in the Boston area, were doing just dandy, too. I was in awe at how this baby was so happy in the heat! I was also quite amused that Knuck had completely lost his British accent. I guess 14 years in the U.S. can do that to you. He pulled a reverse Madonna!
boston 101
boston 102
We didn't stay too long at the barbecue. I was glad to see a few friends, but I think the event was more about showing off your little children. Very nice, just not for me right now.

The Monkeys left the barbecue and headed to a place that all Bostonians love.
boston 109
boston 113
boston 115
boston 124
boston 123
boston 127
boston 129
boston 130
boston 131
boston 132
Fenway Park is incredible. We really loved it. It is totally old-school and full of history, yet it has also been upgraded and is full of modern amenities. It is truly a special place.
boston 243
boston 242
boston 241
boston 240
boston 239
boston 235
boston 237
And, of course, here's the famed Green Monster. There is something endearing about scores still being tallied manually.
boston 149
We had the best time at the game. Red Sox fans are passionate yet civilized, which is a lot more than I can say about my unruly and combative Dodger fans. Our friendly neighbors even inquired as to why I was taking so many photos of everything, and, when I told them I blog, they asked for the URL! Hee!

Also, customer service at Fenway is rather impressive. When we asked if there was any place where we could buy sunblock, the customer service guy whipped out some spray sunblock and sprayed us to perfection!

Speaking of perfection, how perfect was it that my boyfriend Ichiro Suzuki was in town?
boston 206
Hit, Ichiro, hit!
boston 138
boston 139
boston 140
boston 141
Run, Ichiro, run!
boston 142
boston 144
boston 145
Ichiro had a pretty good game, but he and the Mariners were no match for the Red Sox, especially when former Dodger J.D. Drew and powerhouse Manny Ramirez were at their finest.
boston 160
boston 192
boston 173
We got to see Jonathan Papelbon pitch, too. Yes, I love my camera.
boston 209
boston 210
boston 211
boston 212
boston 213
But what is a baseball game without food? I am delighted to report that Fenway food is excellent, at least according to my ball park standards.

The gourmet hot dog was phenomenal. It was juicy, had a great snap and an actual tie at the end, and was nestled in a poppy seed bun. Love.
boston 178
boston 180
This lemon Italian ice was so much better than the sickeningly sweet frozen Minute Maid crap that the Dodgers offer. This icy goodness was slightly frothy and wonderful.
boston 184
We also got the most gigantic iced toasted almond coffee ever. Dunkin' really needs to come out here.
boston 185
During the seventh inning stretch, I was puzzled as to why the crowd wasn't more gung-ho about singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," as that is a big thing here in Dodgerland. An inning later, I understood. It's all about "Sweet Caroline" in Beantown. Everybody got into it!
boston 207
The Red Sox won!
boston 222
boston 230
After the game, we got cleaned up and went to my Reunion gala. Getting cleaned up didn't really make much of a difference, as I was a sweaty mess again as soon as we left our hotel.
reunion gala 004
reunion gala 008
reunion gala 007
I was so tired by the end of the day. Ten years out of college. I am ancient.


  1. Lucky that you went to a Red Sox game! My bro went a while back & said the food was great!

    Sorry to hear about your luggage. I know how it feels but I didn't have a freaking MJ bag & blackberry when my bag was lost.
    Will say a prayer to St Anthony for you - he never fails me when I lose stuff.

  2. Fingers crossed for your luggage!!!!!!!!!

  3. * sucks about the luggage :(
    * jealousE you got coldplay tickets. we totally forgot to get online saturday morning. poo.
    * i never got to experience boston in the heat, only the [insert boston accent] bitta cold. looks like i didn't miss much
    * the sox game looks so fun!

  4. The luggage gods are clearly against the monkeys. Poo on them!

  5. Fenway park looks awesome! Looks like you had a great time, love the smile on your face!

    Hope your luggage gets home quickly!

  6. aahh! airline losing my luggage is my biggest fear! crossing my stubby little fingers that you're reunited with Hello Kitty suitcase and Kors dress! ugh, i hate humidity and heat...AND I live in Texas. Talk about daily torment.

  7. we didn't even try for coldplay tickets. lame fans.

    sending "come home" vibes to the HK suitcase.

    love the camera.

  8. hmmmm judging by the post... it sounds like you two are a Dunkin Donuts coffee away from packing up your bags and moving to beantown!!! can't wait!

    and omg, we were totally talking about the luggage epidemic on Saturday! I'm sorry it happened again, but your luggage will get returned very soon.. I myself stuffed everything I owned into a laptop bag and carry-on. I'm talking hardcore packing- like 3 pairs of shoes into a laptop bag.

    and if we are modern penpals, does this mean I should start sending you sea shells from Cape Cod and you can send me locks of celebrities hair??

    (judging by the time stamp on this post- you can totally tell that the west coast time change is killing me and i've been waking up way too flippin' early every day)

  9. oh.mah.gawd. lost luggage, again??? that sounds like the flight from HELL. crossing my fingers and toes they find it.;(

    sounds like you had a fab weekend though...minus the humidity, of course!

  10. I can't believe your luggage was lost again. I'm so sorry. I will think "return" thoughts.

    I've decided from this post you are the most photogenic person ever. Sweating does a monkey good :)

    p.s. Tell that guy, a British accent is a terrible thing to lose.

  11. OMG, huge amounts of H+P for your Hello Kitty suitcase. I hope it and its contents are returned soon and intact!!!!
    And I love how your dress coordinates with Mr. Monkey's tie. SO CUTE.

  12. Look at the shiny monkeys!!

    Dude, I hope they find your luggage intact. Sad. :(

    Fenway Park looks like it was a lot of fun. Awesomeness!

  13. dying about your luggage. kitty AND marc. UGH!!! another reason i never check.

    at least the reunion and game looked like they were fun and your dress looked purty ;)

  14. H&P for a safe return of Hello Kitty!

  15. I can't believe you lost another bag!! Remind me to never travel as your luggage.

    I am glad you're home safe and sound - I have to email you about my AMAZING new cupcake discovery.

  16. I cry inside everytime I see DD.

    Go Yanks! Kidding - I could really care less. But I gotta represent my roots, you know?

  17. P.S. I've had my luggage "lost" three times and stolen altogether once, all by the same airline. Did you by any chance fly United? Fuckers.

    I'm crossing my fingers you have everything back by now.

  18. i'm so bummed about your luggage.

    however, you did look very very cute in that dress :)


    If by some act of God Mr. Monkey can't go I call dibs on being your date :)

  20. Glad to hear that you found your luggage! I love how you and Mr. Monkey sorta match with the orange dress / tie combo.


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