Friday, November 28, 2008

3 A.M. Eternal

On Wednesday, we had dinner at the country club with the Nittanys and the Butt-Chins. I noshed on this wonderful pan-seared veal chop.
random 004
Mr. Monkey devoured the bacon-wrapped filet mignon.
random 005
Ugly pics, I know, but all I had was my little pink point-and-shoot, and the lighting was rather dim. Sad face.

During dinner, Mrs. Nittany and Mrs. Butt-Chin asked me what I like to do for fun at night. Mrs. Nittany loves clubbing. Mrs. Butt-Chin loves bars. They have a five-year-old and a three-year-old, respectively, yet are far more active at night than I am.

I mentioned I like karaoke. The two squealed, and that sealed it.

We went to Rosen Music Studio (3474 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles) after dinner. We don't live too far from K-town, so we stopped by to retrieve my camera and to change into comfy non-country-club clothes.
rosen 003
rosen 050rosen 051
rosen 053
rosen 036
rosen 035
rosen 063
rosen 044
rosen 023
rosen 004
We went with Li'l Nittany and Butt-Chin, Jr. in tow. Maybe being a parent doesn't have to cramp your style after all.
rosen 019
I think I had six of these filled with apple soju.
rosen 013
And a little of this, too.
rosen 094
Mrs. Nittany and Mrs. Butt-Chin probably downed twice as much. They are pros. To say the least, this made for a raucous night.

Before things got really rowdy, though, we had fun with the kiddos. Li'l Nittany loves singing, just like his mama. He especially liked singing "No Air." Mrs. Nittany was Jordin Sparks, and Li'l Nittany was Chris Brown. Hee hee!
rosen 016
rosen 057
rosen 022
Mr. Nittany joined in, too. They're the Korean-Filipino Von Trapp family!
rosen 033
Li'l Nittany and Butt-Chin, Jr. sang "Jingle Bells" together.
rosen 059
rosen 060
The kids fell asleep around 11 or midnight.
rosen 062
rosen 049
We went strong for several more hours, though.
rosen 041
rosen 069
rosen 088
rosen 039
rosen 073
rosen 081
rosen 045
Can you tell why this guy is called Butt-Chin? When we went to Korean BBQ last week, Butt-Chin, Jr. shouted, "My daddy has a butt chin!" Hilarity.

How the little boys slept through Mr. Nittany's rendition of System of a Down's "Chop Suey" is beyond me.
rosen 065rosen 064
rosen 046
Mr. Nittany did a pretty mean William Hung impression, too.
rosen 092
And he rocked "My Humps."
rosen 089
Amazingly, even with all that we drank, the price for all this was only $7.50 an hour per adult, and the song selection was similar to, if not a little better than, that of Orchid. The service was very good, and the bathroom was cleaner, too.
rosen 042
rosen 085
rosen 043
Good times until 3 a.m.


  1. Those kids are too cute - and LOL at the "Butt-Chins"

  2. But did the bathroom have the warming toilet?!? fun. I want to be Mrs. Nittany and Mrs. Butt-Chin when I have kids. No joke. I like that they show me it can be done.

  3. That pic of you and Mr. Monkey at the end is very cute! Also..HOW FUN!!

  4. damn, you went strong till 3am.

    dude, of COURSE having kids doesn't have to cramp one's style!

  5. rosen was THE place to be back in the day. glad to see it's still around and seemingly cheaper (?).

    so said i missed orchid, still.

  6. That looks SO FUN! We don't have karaoke places (just karaoke at bars) but we do have fun playing Rock Band with friends.

    LOL at butt-chins. I call Tom Brady "butt chin" and it drives Tim crazy.

  7. Oooh! Those are some cool parents.

  8. I'm cracking up that the kids got into to the karaoke game. And the fact that you are dressed for comfort while the other lady is dressed for clubbing. And of course the butt chin comment. :) Looks like a really fun night!

  9. What a fun night! And do I sense a location change in the works for next year's Karaoke-fest?

  10. butt chin! we had a family friend that we said the same thing about. thankfully, he was a good sport about the whole thing :)

    sounds like an awesome night!


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